Wednesday, June 4, 2008


OK. So Jonathan and I made this deal that we would both start blogging to keep our family and friends updated on our 1st year of marriage as we travel 'round the world. Sooooo here I am. Blogging. And I'm really not good at this. So we'll see how it goes!

Today was my LAST day with my 1st grade babies!! :( In all my years of working with children and my 2 years of public ed. these kids were the absolute most amazing kids I have ever worked with. They had such a maturity for working together and helping each was a blessing to watch them everyday as they learned and became great friends. I am going to miss them SO unbelievably much!!!! And their parents too...they were just as awesome in every way. They did SO much for me this year...I have not one single negative thing to say about this school year. What an experience!!!

I do have 1 more official "work day" tomorrow and then my Calhoun days are up...for now ;) Although I know I will keep in touch with my wonderful friends there (and will more than likely end up right back there teaching), it is SO hard to leave. That place and all the people there have been my LIFE for the past 2 years. It's going to leave an empty place in my heart...for it's not goodbye, but simply see ya later!

OK...speaking of all that leaving, I've been packing up EVERY last classroom (the home will come in about 2 weeks so I can go get hitched! yay!) belonging ALL day and I'm until next time...SEE YA LATER!!! :)