Friday, August 22, 2008


ooooooooooo!!!!!!! i KNOW it's like 2:30 AM but i have to just say really quickly that i can't WAIT to post tomorrow about tonight!!!!!! hehehehe!!! until then....get pumped!!!! :) :) 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A new bed...


We got our bed in today from IKEA!!! I am WAY excited to see it all put together!!! Jonny has class until late tonight, and then we're having dinner/washing clothes over in West Ash. at my sister's, but when we get back we hope to put it together!!! It's going to be sooooo awesome!!! It's a great bed, and I can't wait to see it in our's really going to give it that final touch we've been waiting for. We're so stoked!!! I'm going to put up a pic of it from IKEA's website, but I'll post one of our actual bed once it's all put together!!! :)


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yeah, I's been a while!'s been since the END of the school year (June) since I've written. I know, long time. But, I've been SUPER busy!!! Moving, packing, GETTING MARRIED :), etc. So you'll have to forgive me!!!

Let me give you a very brief update as I am about out the door:

1. Summer has been awesome. And is still technically going on for me (since I have no job). 
2. I enjoyed MANY lunches and such w/ my fabulous cousin over the course of the month before I got married whilst she was in from TX. I miss her. Very badly.
3. LOTS of wedding details were taken care of during the 1st month of the summer. Little details and even bigger details. So you can say a lot of my summer was devoted to getting ready for THE wedding!! :)
4. I spent some time in Charleston for my bachelorette shindig back in June w/ almost all my favorite ladies. We had a GLORIOUS time. 
5. WE GOT MARRIED!!!! yay!!! This was by far my BIGGEST event of the summer (of course). I finally became Mrs. Lindsey Edens!!! You have NO idea how long I had waited for this!!! At 24, graduated from college, and having dated almost 8 years, we were MORE than ready!!! And I can say that marriage has fulfilled EVERY expectation I had for it and more. I adore being Jonathan's wife. There is no role in this world that I have longed for or been more proud to carry. :)
6. We made the move to the low country. That's right - we are now seafood loving, beach going, flip flop wearing, palmetto tree adoring Charleston residents!!! We could not be happier!!! Our apartment has SO much character and an old Charleston blood to it with a twist of modern touches (per my architect of a husband of course!). It truly is a precious 1st home!!! We aren't completely finished and still have a good bit to get done...but it's livable!! I plan to post an entire album of pictures, but until then, you can check out snip-its here and there at Jonny's blog :)  
7. We had our 1 month anniversary this week on Tuesday!!!! Can you believe it!?!? Time has simply flown by!!! It doesn't feel like we have been married for an entire month!!! We are poor and broke as jokes, but we did use a free stay at the Inn at Middleton Place (thanks to good ole' Clemson) for Jonny's architecture orientation as a "romantic" 1 night get away!!! ;) Check the place was incredible!!! It's very modern (so my husband's style) and the food was delicious!!
8. Jonathan's classes started this week (hence the stay at the Inn on Monday and Tuesday) as well as his internship. He had things going on since the beginning of the week, but his first official day was today. He interviewed when we first got down here for the internship, and he was told Tuesday afternoon that he would be working for Cummings and McGrady Architects downtown on King Street - which was his 1st choice so he was so stoked!! And I, of course, overwhelmed with pride (my guess is that he was ALL the firms 1st choices)!!!! This is also the firm that he worked for when he studied in Charleston in undergrad, so it's going to be ridiculous!!! :) I am so excited for him!!! His 1st day w/ them was this morning, and last night he was adorable...we went to bed and he was so giddy he couldn't even sleep!!! :)
9. I still don't have a job which stinks, so, be praying that God will open a door. 

Alrighty then, I guess that's all for now. I said I was about out the door didn't I?? Well, now 15 minutes later, I am!!!!!