Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why not?

3 and 1/2 years.

That's how long it's been since I last posted.

With the new year in full swing, and once again, the Edens are diving right in to the deep end, no life preserver included, I have been thinking a lot about getting back on the blogging band wagon. The thought actually came to mind around Christmas time, and the later I wait...well you know how that goes.
So...with that being said: here I am. If you're even still out there, or if you even care enough to read (and I truly don't blame you if you don't), I am going to really, truly try to be blogger committed. For your reading enjoyment and pure curiosity of course.

Since I last posted, much has occurred. Mostly the day to day life of teaching the kindergarten babies and designing and building some pretty sick churches for J, lots of hanging out and ministering to the youth with our beloved brothers and sisters at Whitefield, and simply spending time with family and friends - while we also watched the successes and excitement of those that we love around us as well.

I suppose the most interesting thing going on as of late would be trying to complete a renovation that we began almost 4 years ago when we first purchased our home. One of the last posts that I wrote gave you a glimpse into said Renovation, which hit a stopping point about a year later in 2011 and then was picked back up for a couple of weeks in 2012; we didn't work long before putting it to the side once more as Jonathan and Jerry have been doing ALL of the work themselves which as anyone who works and lives full time knows: is very, very challenging. As the 2013 Christmas season approached, when Santa (aka Hubby) asked for my Christmas wish list, I simply stated 1 thing:

I want the back bedroom renovation done. Finished. Completely.

So, with some time off from work over the Christmas break, that's exactly what he did. He got to work with a goal to finish the back bedroom. He, along with Jerry (and some extra help painting from Sandra), worked tirelessly for 2 straight weeks to get as much work completed as possible before heading back to work in the new year.
We are oh. so. close. to being finished. He has worked every evening for the past week and a half, and with just a few more items to take care of, we are. almost. there. J is continuing to work consistently to get things finished. When the work is done, we can then move to the next step which will be decorating and giving the room just the right look that we're going for.

Finishing up the last of the sanding and sheet rock work.
Starting clean up from the sheet rock so that painting can begin.
We have floors again...beautiful, sheet rock free, clean floors!
So. much. paint.
I think I am MOST excited about the brown that we chose for the ceilings. 
Painting is SO much fun...right?! 
Another FAVE: the vanity nook wall, created from flooring refurbished from the original. Love. 
I love. 
Getting there...lots of love labor.
Be still my heart. 

Looking through progress pictures amazes me - I am married to a true renaissance man...he astounds me with how he is just good. at. everything.
I have always said the blessing of him is one of the Lord's truest earthly examples that He no doubt, loves me more than I could ever fathom.