Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tune-in Thursday

Listen of the Week: Over the Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 
This song is sweet, simple, and to the point. There are many versions of this song, originally sung by Judy Garland for the movie The Wizard of Oz. In fact, the title is usually referred to by most people as Somewhere over the Rainbow. I however, like this particular version which I first heard on the movie, 50 First Dates, with Adam Sandler

It's the song that my daddy and I danced to at my wedding. :)
And, it was a favorite song of a dear friend who passed away this summer, which she used in her classroom on a daily basis. 

I hope you like it too!!! :) 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blessings :)

This weekend was not only awesome, but also a reminder of just how GOOD God has been and continues to be, to our family. We are so very, very blessed. I know for sure that I do not tell Him thank you nearly enough, and yet, he still keeps pouring blessings all over us. 

Just wanted to share a few of those blessings from our incredible weekend. 

1. A husband who loves me so much, that he would think to bring home 2 hot dogs from Skins to his wife for lunch. 

Oh, he is my special friend!!!

2. Dinner at Ryan's on Friday night with Jerry and Sandra (Jonathan's parents). Haven't spent quality time with just the two of them in a while. Conversation was refreshing. :) 
3. Staying up until 2:30AM that night watching McCall videos and reminiscing with Jerry. Those videos are great. 

Just a small taste of the awesomeness that is Camp McCall. :) Hilarious. Thanks Whamm!!! 

4. After said stay up, being able to sleep in until 12PM with my husband on a Saturday, with nowhere to have to rush off to. 
5. "Yard sale sittin" with Grandmother Dot and Papa Charles and just talkin' 'bout nuthin'. 
6. Grilling out burgers with Jerry and Sandra that were not just any ole' burgers, but chilly burgers. Oooo weee baby. My favorite. Mmmm, pour on a lil' bit (a LOT) of Texas Pete, and go to town baby!!!! YUMMY!!!

Cutting up fresh potatoes to make fresh fried potato strings. They were SO good!!!

7. Homemade ice cream over at Judy's on the front porch swing. Talkin' 'bout the good ole' days and just enjoying one another's company. 
8. Church at Whitefield. Enough said. If you want to hear the most amazing music EVER, come see us!!! 
9. Lunch in downtown Greenville with Rick and Muchell (my parents), then furniture browsing. Precious memories. 
10. Movies with my mama. Just me and her. :) Need I say more???

Self portrait before going into the theater. Hehe, we couldn't get the camera to work properly!! 

11. Jonathan and Rick golfing. BAHAHA!!! I bet that was fun(ny)!!! 
12. Watching Dennis Swanberg with Rick and Muchell. That guy is HI-larious. 
13. Dinner at Cracker Barrel (SURPRISE! haha) with Rick and Muchell. Again, another quality time with parents and refreshing conversation. It's so cool that we began and ended the w/end the same exact way.......parents, eating, and talking at the restaurant for at least an hour after we finished until they were about to close!! :) 
14. The MONSOON of a storm in Central after we got home. It was AWESOME!! Sat on the screened in balcony and just listened. So cool. 

We managed to get a video of the rain. It's dark and you can't see very well, but you can hear really good!! That's all that matters anyways. :) 

It's kind of blurry, but if you look hard you can see the rain!!!

Rain down. 

God is so full of love and grace. I hope everyone had a wonderful, summer weekend!! 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tune-in Thursday

Listen of the Week: Hallelujah, Gavin DeGraw 
Gavin DeGraw is one of the most talented singer and songwriters of my generation. I was introduced to him by a good friend in college, junior year. The first song that I ever heard by DeGraw was Chariot, which I am sure will eventually make it to the Listen of the Week. He is by far, one of my most favorite artists, and his songs from his first album are incredible. He sings solo, unless you count his piano......which he is ridiculously talented at tickling the ivories. His first album had so much talent behind it, but unfortunately, when his second came out, he succumbed to the "pop" world of music. It was very disappointing and almost "Britney-like" (referring to the one and only Britney Spears of course). 
There is a flip side to this though....DeGraw released his 3rd album in March of this year, and he took it back to the soul!!! It's amazing and much like the first. Look for some of those songs to hit the Listen of the Week as well. 
DeGraw does a lot of cover songs, and Hallelujah is a cover from Leonard Cohen. He has an amazing voice, raw talent, and although yet another secular singer, this song speaks to me in so many ways in a spiritual manner. 
Hope you enjoy!!! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He caught up with me!!!

My husband loves the fact that he is married to an "older woman" (by a mere 9 days, sheesh) and also loves to remind me of this. So, when those 9 days have passed and his birthday comes, I always like to remind him that he has finally "caught up." 

I think that it is only fitting to bring out some old photos in his honor, to reminisce, like I did when I blogged about my own birthday. Just a few: 

Only THE cutest little baby boy ever. We will be SO lucky if we have a son and he turns out half this precious!! 

#86 Baby!! Nothin' like high school football!! Those were good times!! 

Painted up and rubbin' the rock. Does it get any better than that?? I think not. 

25 and still young as ever!! 

His birthday was last Wednesday, the 15th, and although he had to work (blah), we made up for that with all the fun stuff we did!! 

The Tuesday before his birthday, we had his parents and Tyler and Rebekah over for a cookout out by the pool in our apartment complex. They have some grills and picnic tables, so after we finally got all the necessary ingredients, sides, and tools to get it going, we had some DELICIOUS burgers for dinner!!! After we finished eating outside it began to get dark, so we went inside our apartment for some coffee and my hubby's favorite.....chocolate chip cookie cake!! And this year's had a very special message written upon it. :) 

Oh it was so exciting to be able to put that on his cake for the first time!!! 

We were so thankful to be able to spend this time with our family, especially since T and R were making the big move back to Mississippi that Thursday, and we may not see them again until Christmas. 

The Edens and the Bradys :) 

All the boys helped cook up the burgers, but Jonathan's mom teased that he knew he was getting older because he had to cook his own birthday meal!! :) Which is so very true...I don't know how many times growing up that my sister and I would say, "let's have dinner with daddy" for Father's Day or his birthday, and he would end up cooking the meal himself. It was only until recently that we started cooking meals for him....or just going out to eat instead!! Ha!!! 

Grilling out hamburgers for everybody. 

Regardless, we had a GREAT time together celebrating the birthday of the most amazing 25 year old that I know. 

The next day, on his actual birthday, my parents treated us to dinner at the restaurant of Jonathan's choice to celebrate. He chose Applebee's because he said that it's really good and we actually hadn't been there since before leaving for Europe. They were happy to oblige and we had a delicious meal!!! My dad even requested a dessert for the "birthday boy!!" Ha!!! He received an ice cream sundae and I believe he enjoyed every last bite. 
He also thoroughly enjoyed his gift from them, which came in very handy for our anniversary gift to one another!! :) 

Every man loves tools I guess!!

That night when we got home after dinner, we just enjoyed one another's company and we had some cookie cake and coffee to top off our dinner. That's one of the reasons why I love Jonathan so much. It doesn't take a whole lot to make him happy. Just the simple things in life. 

He is an amazing man and I am so very, very blessed. 
Hope your birthday was everything you wished for love!!! 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Something New


So I'm going to try something new for a while, just to liven things up around here on the blog. I KNOW that my life is not that interesting, and as a result, I also know that ya'll get tired of reading the same ole', same ole'.  
With that being said.....

Music. Love it. Always have and always will. It's such an integral part of my life. I even dedicated one entire post a couple of months ago describing why music was so amazing. 

So here's what's going to happen on a weekly basis:
A "listen of the week" will be posted for your enjoyment (or to your dismay). I find myself learning more and more as each day passes, just how significant music is in my life. One song can evoke enough emotions to turn a truly terrible day into a truly remarkable day. 
I also encourage you, at any time, to let me know your thoughts about any song that I post (likes or dislikes....I will not be offended :) I promise), or to even share a song of your choice. I'm always looking for great, new music to add color to my life!!! we go. 

Listen of the Week: Coldplay, Fix You
I find it only fitting to begin this new, weekly posting with this song. First of all, Coldplay is probably -and this says A LOT about a band for someone who loves music as much as I do- my most favorite band of all time. They haven't produced a single album, containing a single song, that I don't love. For years they have written the soundtrack to my life. And although a secular band, this particular song is a great pick me up and, more importantly, reminds me of the way Christ "fixes us" when we are broken. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Quarter of a Century Old

Just as I wrote that I loved July, it is truly shaping up to meet my expectations thus far. 

Monday, I celebrated my 25th birthday. A quarter of a century old. Man. 
It's weird to look at myself in the mirror and think, "Girl, you are 25 years old!!" 
25 is not old, it is still so very young. But from what I've been told (as so many refer to it as), it's that "dreaded downward slope" to 30.
When I think about myself and being married (and the fact that I could start having children if we were ready for that right now), I still see my 21 year old self as a Clemson student, or even sometimes, my 17 year old self in high school having the time of my life!! 
I guess it's just as they say....age is JUST a number!!! Because to be quite honest, I'm 25 and I feel FINE!!! :) :) 

Just a baby, maybe 2???

17 and in high school...I think this was taken at Christmas time??

College, Senior year and THOSE were the days!!! 

And 25!!!! God is so good and it's been a GREAT run so far!!! 

So what did I do to celebrate?!? Weeeellll.....

My birthday week began this past Friday night, before my actual birthday on Monday. 
And yes, you read that right, I said my birthday week. Truth is folks, I'm rotten....spoiled rotten that is. Ever since Jonathan and I have been together, when my birthday rolls around, he has created this tradition of week long events and gifts to celebrate (anything from a special dinner he cooks and a movie together to a small "goody" such as a favorite soft drink and candy). It has carried on ever since, and may possibly end when we have kids, so I'm soaking each day of each birthday week up while I still can!!! 
That Friday night we went to Fuji in Anderson. I love, love, love, love (and a million more loves) sushi, fried rice and white sauce, and a salad with ginger sauce. Italian food use to be my favorite cuisine, and still ranks pretty high, but for about the past year, I have been loving me some Japanese. I had been craving sushi for a couple of weeks and talking about it non-stop, so when my sweet and very thoughtful hubby so casually offered to take me out for an early sushi birthday treat that night, I quickly (and very happily) obliged!!!!! 
And I ordered just that.....a salad with ginger sauce, 2 rolls of sushi, and fried rice saturated in white sauce!! It was delicious and the company was even better. We had the best time. 

                                               Ooooo I love that sushi and ooooo I love that boy!! 

The weekend went on and we celebrated the 4th with a cookout, and later that evening, fireworks in Pelzer as well as some that we shot ourselves at home. It was a really good fourth of July, spent with family and one another!! 

Fireworks in Pelzer

My mom and my aunt Rita also cooked a DELICIOUS birthday meal for me on Sunday night including my most favorite dish EVER, my aunt Rita's broccoli casserole. The two of them also made me homemade strawberry cupcakes because they both know I'm much more of a cupcake girl than a cake girl. Well.......supposedly neither of them are good at making cupcakes and apparently they had an interesting, yet fun experience while making them. 

Despite the look (and mess) they were SO GOOD!! 

When Monday finally came, it was probably one of my best birthdays yet....definitely in my top 5 of all time!!!
Jonathan and I stayed in Pelzer Sunday night (so that I was able to attend services in Gaffney the day before for my friend that passed away and so I could enjoy my mom and aunt's birthday dinner) and he had to work :(, so I spent the day with my mom and aunt Nan. That morning we went to Beechwood Farms in Marietta. Apparently my mom used to go here a good bit years ago, but hadn't been in forever. We were able to get some good, fresh vegetables that I'm sure will make for some delicious country dinners. It was nice to spend time with both of them and to be way up in the mountains. There's just something about being outside, in the South, getting fresh veggies. I loved it!!!

Beechwood Farms with my fresh veggies!! 

The front of the farmhouse and fresh okreeee!! 

My aunt Nan then treated us to lunch at the Mexican restaurant and, well, Mexican is always a favorite!!! 

The rest of the afternoon I just chilled out, took a nap, and spent some time outside with my mom. Finally (after wanting to spend ALL day with him), Jonathan came by to get me so that he could birthday treat me. :) 
All last week I had been saying that I wanted some "cheap" birthday cake (you know the kind, from BI-LO with the really good icing), and I think he must have gotten the hint!! I got my cheap birthday cake with purple and orange icing (GO TIGERS!!) and instead of flowers, which I usually get, I got a "bouquet" of gossip magazines!! HA!! It was AWESOME!! He knows me ALL to well, and there couldn't have been a better gift. If you know me, you know that (unfortunately) I LOVE my Hollywood gossip!! Very creative and very thoughtful. Oh!! And my birthday card ALSO said my new name, "Lindsey Edens...." since this was my first official Edens birthday!!! 

Check out that name...I'm an Edens. 

My "bouquet" of gossip magazines, love it!! 

He then made the mistake of asking what I would like for my birthday dinner, and I asked could we have Japanese again (yes, only 2 days from when we last had it)!! Ha!! Of course he said yes, and we found this AWESOME place in Easley that is just like a Japanese steakhouse, but cheaper. I got my salad with ginger sauce and hibachi chicken again, and yes, I smothered it in white sauce. And, because it was my birthday, I let myself have a tall, big glass of Dr. Pepper....mmm, mmmm good!!!! :) :) 

Dr. Pepper, white sauce, and my hunny....good birthday. 

We got home, and because I have recently been pulled into the greatness that is the series "Heroes" by my dear husband, we watched about 4 or 5 episodes before the day was up. 
And oh what a great day it was. :) 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Last Wednesday I received a phone call from not only one of my best friends, but a previous co-worker at Calhoun, the school I worked at. 
It was one of the saddest phone calls I have ever received. My heart broke as she told me that a strange man had taken one of the most amazing women I  have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. 
I know that by now you are all aware of the killing spree that began over a week ago, on Saturday, June 27th taking the life of a peach farmer and ending a little over one week later, on Monday, July 6th, with the discovery and death of what law enforcement had deemed "a serial killer." 
In the midst of what we can only presume as, insanity, this man took the lives of 5 innocent people of the Cherokee County community. It has been all over the news, and unfortunately, we may never know what was in the mind of this crazed man. 
I could go on to say so much more, but instead I just want to say that, I think it is so fitting that the killer was found on the same day that so many individuals in the Anderson community had taken the time to honor my friend, Gena Linder Parker. There just simply aren't enough words to sum up the person that she was or the life that she lived. 
She was a remarkable friend, teacher, and person. But even more importantly, her faith in Christ stood out in everything that she did and every word that she spoke. 

This post is in memory of her!! :) 

Gena, we love you and we will miss you so much!! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's here!!! My most favorite month EVER is FINALLY here!!!!! I love, love, love's a very exciting, event filled month for our family. It's one of those months that I know even after having kids of our own, will probably still be a really big deal every year. 
But, you might be thinking....why on earth does this girl love one of the hottest months of the year?!?! Well, here's just a few reasons why:

1. All of the coolest people have their birthdays in July:
July 1: One of my favorite girls EVER, Alice.
July 4: Jonathan's uncle Randy.
July 6: George W., 50 Cent, and best of all, ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 15: My sweet, sweet hubby.
July 31: The most adorable baby boy on the face of the planet EVER, Henry (who is the son of our AMAZING wedding photographer, LMart. Yes, she definitely photographed our wedding only 10 days from her due date!!). 

Me and my girl Alice...way back in the day!! :) 

Celebrating our joint July birthdays last summer (this was also only about 13 days before we said, "I do!!") 

2. Independence Day people!!! 
July 4. Who doesn't love celebrating this amazing country that we have so graciously been given to live in?!?! Fireworks, family, and food. Thank you God for blessing us with this great country and the men and women fighting everyday to make sure we continue to have our freedom. 

4th of July 2007...about to shoot some fireworks with my girls!! 


Oh I miss the days when my besties worked at the Fireworks stand and HOOKED US UP!! ;) 

3 OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
July 19. Aside from the day I decided to let Jesus be my #1, this is, by far, the BEST day of my life. There is no doubt that our 1 year anniversary will be very special...after all, we have had one of the most special 1st years of marriage!! It's been a whirlwind and I wouldn't change 1 single day of it. Can't wait to celebrate the first year of many, many more to come!!! 

So young!! This was taken the day Jonathan moved into Clemson, Freshmen year!! I have the very first picture ever taken of us, but it's backed up on an external hard drive. 

And a more recent one of me and my hubby at his dad's 50th birthday celebration!! Oh I'm in love!! 

So, those are my top 3 for sure. Of course we all know that July is also filled with sunny days, poolside days, family filled days, and so many other things that make life worth living. I hope that you enjoy this month as much as you possibly can. :) :)