Wednesday, July 30, 2014

32 and 34 Week Check-Up

I am combining my latest update since these last two visits were so similar and so quick. 

I was told prior to that at both of these appointments they would be super brief; pee in the cup, weight, blood pressure, doppler for heartbeat check, measure, and boom: done. This very much turned out to be the case...

...until they TOTALLY threw me at my 32 week appointment and I had to get my finger pricked for a routine hemaglobin check-up! Not at all this needle terrified mama's favorite surprise, at all. Ugh.

Other than that, the appointment went very well. Blood pressure was great, heartbeat was in the 130's and measurement was right on target at 32. I met with Dr. Tweedt for this visit, and we had the best conversation about how insensitive, full of advice, and unfortunately, just plain stupid others become when you become pregnant - it was the best conversation and exactly what I needed at that point. She's so awesome! 
After I finished with the doctor, I got my dreaded finger prick, and then headed home and took a nice, long, 3 hour nap. 

32 week selfie before my appointment
32 week fruit picture

For my 34 week appointment it was even less eventful. Jonathan was able to go with me to this one, and we saw Dr. Beck. Same ole, same ole; usual vital checks, blood pressure was good, heartbeat was 150's, and measurement was on target once again: 34 and 3 days. We then took some time to ask Dr. Beck some labor/weight/birthing questions to which she gave us the answer I had been thinking all along: it's far too early to tell at this point. So many have asked about Emery's weight, or if I really think I am going to make it another 6 weeks, and when I told her this, she just laughed. She said we have had a very typical pregnancy and unless something out of the ordinary happens, chances are most likely that he will come either a few days before September 1st or a few days after. 
Again, another great conversation with another great doctor at Piedmont. I love that place. 

34 week baby bump
After our appointment we had the wonderful opportunity to go visit a very dear, amazing friend of mine from college who is currently living in the hospital due to her water breaking at 22 weeks. I know. It's awful; however, the Lord has shown his power and evidence in her life in a MAJOR way in the last 4 weeks. She just made it to 26 weeks this past Sunday and she and her sweet baby Elise are defying all odds and the next goal is 28 weeks. Prayer is a powerful thing, and if you think about it, please pray for my friend and her sweet baby girl. 

So after 4 weeks, here is my latest update:
Weight gain: 20+ lbs. Continuing to steadily make the move up, but like I said, I feel the same everywhere else, just big in the belly :)   

Sleep: Ugh. Non-existent at this point. It's miserable. It's also my back. All my back. But totally worth it. 

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: I guess I should be pretty thankful that I made it all the way to 34 weeks, with 6 weeks left, before I started to feel...blah. Yeah. That's it. I just feel blah. My feet just started to swell at week 34 (again, I should be thankful) consistently, but they look like sausages. I am SO tired pretty much all of the time, and then while my nesting period I believe has kicked in, my body cannot keep up. After about 20 minutes up moving/cleaning/organizing/working, my back feels like it is going to break in half. BUT...overall, I still am feeling decent. complaints. I am just so grateful for this pregnancy!

Cravings: Still nothing. As I said before, if anything, my pregnant diet is no different than my non-pregnant diet

Health: Doing well. Every appointment I have brings good news. Blood pressure is back on target, really good, and only had to be rechecked at those 2 visits. Again, I am so, so grateful! 

Movement: STILL...this boy never. stops. moving. I can tell he is getting pretty squished though because now I mainly just feel rolls. Lots and lots of rolls! 

I was 35 weeks yesterday (Tuesday), and my next appointment is next Thursday, August 7 for my 36 week visit - Group B Strep (GBS) vaginal culture. Oh goody. Ha! In addition, they will take a look at his position, and I am hoping enlighten me on maybe what they can tell as far as when to expect some things to begin happening. After this visit, I will begin going every week - which I am SO excited about!! 

In the meantime, please lift us up as we enter this VERY exciting, but VERY new and unfamiliar time in our pregnancy and lives. I am beginning to have some major anxiety about going into labor and giving birth, and I just want to let go and trust God. We appreciate your prayers SO very much, always! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vision of Life 3D/4D Visit

The Friday following my 30 week appointment we made a visit to Vision of Life in Powdersville where we were able to see sweet Emery in 4D - seriously one of the coolest experiences in our pregnancy yet!

It was really special because we invited both sets of parents, as well as both of Jonathan's grandparents (mine are no longer living) to share such in this special, unique experience with us! 

No sooner had we started taking a peek at Emery, than sweet baby boy made a heart with his precious little hands for us!
Needless to say, the men in the room were quite proud of this shot! 

I cannot WAIT to kiss that sweet, precious, precious face! 

Little man had some big thighs! 

Cannot wait baby boy! 

The tech (who was absolutely adorable) showing us all what position Emery is currently in...

So thankful that Emery has all of these wonderful people to love on him! 

I sure do love my baby's daddy!! :) 
The appointment went SO well and we had a blast! We were given a CD full of 4D pictures, along with some beautiful printed ones. We were told that Emery had big thighs, was super active, that there was DEFINITELY no hiding his manhood, had hardly any hair that could potentially be blonde, and he was "so precious!" 

If you are ever wondering whether or not the trip to Vision of Life is worth the is! Worth every penny of seeing our precious little man! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

30 Week Check-Up

Man. Did I mention how much I am enjoying going to the doctor for check-ups every TWO weeks versus every FOUR weeks???

I love it! 

Had my 30 week appointment this morning. This particular appointment was mainly to receive my Tdap Vaccine, which includes whooping cough and tetanus in order to prevent the baby from getting sick due to both of these since he cannot have these vaccinations for a period of time after birth. In addition, we did the usual measurement, heart beat, and question/answer. 

Right before my appointment...I was pretty excited about going despite yet another impending shot :)

Jonathan took this that night after my appointment. I was still in major pain from the shot. It really hurt! 

Here is my 30 week update:
Weight gain: 20+ lbs. Steadily making the move up, but like I said, I feel the same everywhere else, just big in the belly :)   

Sleep: I have had some better, more consistent nights of sleep recently, so I've been excited about that! Still up to pee often, but easily falling right back into slumber.

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: Felt really good the last 2 weeks prior to this check-up so thankful for that! No complaints from this mama :)  

Cravings: Still nothing. As I said before, if anything, my pregnant diet is no different than my non-pregnant diet

Health: Doing well. Every appointment I have brings good news. When my blood pressure was checked, it was low and typical; however, the nurse that I had stated it was, "faint," so for her own peace of mind, she wanted to check it again. She had me lay down, checked it, and it was right on target. I did still have to have that Tdap shot after the fact, so I'd say that's pretty good! 

Movement: Just go ahead and sign him up for some ADD prognosis - like his daddy. This boy never. stops. moving.   

I was 32 weeks yesterday (Tuesday), and my next appointment is tomorrow, Thursday, July 10 for a regular visit - heart beat and measurement. 

Praying for a continued good measure of blood pressure and just an overall good visit tomorrow with the doctor - measurement and heart rate. I feel so fortunate that the Lord has willed such a good, healthy pregnancy to us thus far. 

For the LORD is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation. Psalm 100:5