Monday, June 22, 2009

A few more pictures....

....from our busy, busy, busy past couple of weeks!!! 

Some from Father's Day:

Reading his cards from all of us kids. 

Polo Cologne...he knew!! 

Stetson Cologne

Gran Torino!! 

And some from the NPA Summer Social: 

Sharing our study abroad stories!! 

It's been a while.

Happy Father's Day!!! 
I hope everyone has had a great day with the men in your life and if they've already gone on to be with the Lord, I pray that He brought you comfort and peace in knowing that they wait with our Heavenly Father for the day when they can be with you again in Paradise!!! 

We had a nice, laid-back Father's Day. 
We went to church this morning at Whitefield and heard a phenomenal message from our Youth Pastor, Jeremy. It was incredible, and for me personally, it really hit home. So many times I spend the day either wasting my time, precious time that I can NEVER get back, or thinking/worrying/looking forward to things to come in the passing days, weeks, or even months. Even when getting excited about future events (that isn't harmful really), I realized today that I simply need to look at what is in front of me and take it for what it is. I am so guilty of thinking past today; I really struggle with this. 
Jeremy made it so real this morning, in my face I could just feel God asking, "Lindsey, why can't you just take today and let go of tomorrow...or the next day....or even next week???" Don't get me wrong, of course we have to look to the future to make plans and things of that nature, but, God truly wants our hearts in the day to day. I want to be much more aware of this, and I really want to live for the NOW and not the WHEN. 
I mean, if you had only 30 days left on this Earth, what would you do? How would you spend your time? God allowed me to put some things into perspective today, and hopefully I can better prioritize my time and live for today. 

But, I was telling you about our Father's Day and instead shared that!! Back to the matter at hand....we had lunch with Jonathan's family and it was so good to take a break from all that's been going on and enjoy one another. I don't feel like we have really been able to do that a whole lot with either of our families since we've returned home from Europe. I'm hoping to be able to do that more often this summer. And Jonathan's 2 precious cousins (age 8) had a blast texting back and forth with me while at the restaurant. Oh we start them off TOO YOUNG!! :) 

After lunch, Jonathan and I went window shopping in Easley because we have been searching for the perfect shower curtain for our guest bathroom but haven't had a whole lot of luck. The colors are red, silver, and white, but there aren't a whole lot of red shower curtains out there (we're also rather picky). 

We weren't home for maybe 20 minutes when my parents called to let us know they were on their way. We had planned to take my dad out for supper to a local pizza place in downtown Clemson that he loves. We have been going to Peppino's for over 10 years now, since Ashley was a student at Clemson!! And since Ashley wasn't able to come up from Savannah this weekend, she treated our dad to dinner and then afterwards, we had planned to hang out by the pool, but, it started raining a good bit. So instead, we gave my dad his presents, and then he and my mom were on there way back home after hanging out for a while at our place. 

So that was our Father's Day, and I hope yours was just as much of a blessing. :) 
It's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted but as you can see, we've been busy, busy!! 

We celebrated my father-in-law, Jerry's 50th birthday!!!!! Whew!!! :) Haha!! 

The old man!! 

We also had the summer social for Jonathan's firm, Neal-Prince, this past week in Greenville. The food was so good and of course I haven't seen his co-workers since the Christmas before we got married, so it was great to catch up with everyone. 

And, my sister-in-law, Rebekah's wedding is THIS WEEK!! It's finally here!! I cannot believe felt like when they got engaged back in August that it would be FOREVER before the time finally came. Jonathan and I have been busy working on some things for the wedding and rehearsal dinner, so we've been pretty busy getting that stuff taken care of. 
And of course with the wedding on Friday, there are all sorts of super fun "lead up" events happening this week, so we're not slowing down yet!! I am so excited for Rebekah and her fiancĂ© Tyler!! The wedding will no doubt be beautiful, but more importantly, I am thrilled at the commitment they are making to one another and the journey they are about to begin together. Marriage is sacred, and a wonderful, wonderful blessing. I pray that God will bring the two of them all the joy that He has and continues to give Jonathan and me. The wedding day is so much fun, but it's just the beginning, and only gets better every day after that. 

Me and Jonathan with the Bride and Groom-to-be!! 

I hope you have a great week, I know we will. 
Lots of fun things planned and we're in wedding mode!!! :) :) 

Monday, June 8, 2009

I will rise.

Jonathan and I spent Sunday in the Belton/Pelzer area for church, showers, and such before heading back home late last night around 10PM. 

We drove separate cars back because I had left the truck that I am currently driving at my parent's house on Thursday evening and hadn't yet had the chance to go and get it. 
Of course I love and cherish every moment I get to spend with my amazing husband, but it doesn't matter who you are, a good "me" time is always necessary every now and then. Having that quiet time alone, I think, better helps you to evaluate where you are at the moment, and, to just think about things. 

During this "me" time I was listening to HisRadio, and a song came on that, I have heard a couple of times since returning to the States. We've been home just a little over a month now, and while probably old to most of you, this song is very new to me. Like I said, I've heard it maybe 2 or 3 times, and each time I fall in love with it more and more. For me, it was a great message of encouragement, because lately, I am finding myself more and more "down" about my current job situation (although, there are SO many families out there facing a much more difficult situation than we could even begin to comprehend). It was exactly what I needed. 

I will Rise 
Chris Tomlin

Most that have heard this song associate it with the loss of a loved one. I can see that, but, God chose to use it in a different way to speak to me. No matter the uncertainty that I feel, God has called me for a purpose. And His time He will reveal His purpose. The grave could not hold the King and he faced death. How can I not arise to His calling when I am held by so little compared to His sacrifice for us??? 
My prayer is that I will simply allow God to love on me. And when He does call on me, whether it be for a job opportunity, or more importantly, to share His love with others, I want to rise. And grab hold to the faith that can bring me through anything that comes my way. And I pray for strength and trust to do so. 

Thanks for letting me share. :) 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just had to share...

The coolest thing happened tonight. 

After Jonathan and I had finished up some of our nightly routines -cook dinner, eat, clean up, workout- it occurred to us that we had remembered earlier in the evening that we most definitely needed a few grocery necessities (ie - loaf bread, sandwich meat, etc.). 

Now, could we go on without these few items??? Sure. However we've really been eating a lot of sandwiches lately, and to save money, it helps if Jonathan is able to take his lunch instead of eating at the awful downtown, overpriced restaurants (which we just simply do not have the money for). 

Lately, given our current situation (along with an enormous amount of the rest of the US population, no doubt), we have been really, really strapped financially. So, even a venture to the grocery store for just a few items could seem almost impossible to us. 

Well. God, as He always does, showed up just in time. And that's exactly what He does. He shows up when we most need Him yet least expect Him. This past Christmas, we were given quite a few gift cards to various restaurants and stores, and, being that we were about to move to Europe for the next 4 months, we put these away as they would be useless there (seeing as how none of these establishments existed). 
We re-discovered them upon returning (during our move to our apartment), and I had put them altogether in a small basket near the front door. As we were getting ready to leave tonight, Jonathan happened to notice them. He pulled the stack out, and of all places, the one on top was for Wal-Mart. Which just so happens to be 5 minutes down the road. Which just so happens to be where we usually get groceries. Which just so happens to be where we were going. 

Man. If that isn't God showing up in a BIG way, then I don't know what is. May seem like something very small, but for us it was huge. We had no idea how much was on it, or if we had even used it already, but regardless, we took it with us. We very quickly passed through the grocery section, getting what we thought would be necessary in the next week or so and anxiously made our way to the check out. 

Would you believe it?!!? 
After ringing up our groceries, we gave the card to the lady explaining our knowledge (or lack there of) about the card, and our grand total came up to about $6!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The card was worth $25 bucks and hadn't been used yet!!!!!!!!!!! We got all of our necessities for $6 bucks!!!!!!!!! We were very, very excited and this was a great way to end our day.  After feeling stressed about making the purchase, we left with huge smiles on our faces. Thank you Jesus. :) 

I think the best way to sum up our evening is in two ways, both of which were shared with me by 2 amazing friends from my CAA family. I don't know what I would do without their love and encouragement. Lately, I have been really discouraged with the current state of the school(s) budget(s) and the job situation surrounding next school year, and both of these friends just happened to send these my way this week. Thanks SO much Barbara and Renee'!!!! 

The first was a verse that, I'm sure most of us have memorized because it was one of those verses that you grew up learning. One of the "popular" verses I call them. It comes from Philippians chapter 4 verse 19: And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. We know this verse, but, how often do we really forget the true meaning. It was good for me to be reminded. 

And the second was so on target it's crazy. It was an email that I received talking about God's blessings and that, just because one door closes, doesn't mean another one isn't going to open. It reminded me that God always has my best interests in mind, and, to never forget His blessings and to always trust Him and to let my worries go. Much easier said than done. Much easier. It also included a verse that encourages to trust so that God can lead you to amazing opportunities. It comes from the 3rd chapter of Revelation in verse 8: I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.

It's good to be reminded. And it's GREAT when God shows up in a big way. :)