Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye Oh-9, Hello Twenty-Ten!!!

Whew!! It's been awhile.....things have just gotten so busy that I neglected my poor, little blog. To me, that's just a reflection of how truly amazing this year has turned out to be!!

2009 might just go down in the history books as one of the best years yet. So much has happened, and Jonathan and I have been blessed in so many ways this year. When I think back to everything, I am amazed at not only how merciful God is, but how much He loves his children and pours His grace on us daily.

In honor of 2009, I've decided to end the year's blog posts with a list of the 10 best moments/happenings for 2009.

The Top Ten in Oh-9:
10. House/dog sitting for President Barker and meeting him and his wife in person.
9. Being at every home game to watch the greatness and talent of CJ Spiller in his final year as a Tiger. That boy is going to do great things.
8. Seeing the Tigers play for the ACC Championship for the first time in 18 years. We will tell our children about this one for sure.
7. Seeing historical landmarks in person that I had previously only read about in history books.
6. The countless first time experiences and many different people we met during our travels. Europe has afforded us some very special lifelong friendships.
5. Traveling all over Europe with my best friend.
4. Signing a lease that was longer than 5 months so that we could finally have a somewhat place of our "own."
3. Getting my job back at Calhoun and the many blessings that continue to follow this.
2. Celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary with the love of my life.
1. Finally joining our church, alongside my parents.

The President's house, THE best running back in the country, and an ACC Championship game. 

Stonehenge, the Parthenon, and the Roman Coliseum. 

Luca, the Italian boys, and my #1 traveling buddy! 

A place to call home, the amazing Calhoun Kindergarten crew, and leftover wedding cake for our 1 year anniversary.

As you can see, 2009 was nothing short of a landmark year for the Edens and we have nothing to do but to give all the glory to God. He has given us all that we have needed and much more.
2010 will no doubt have its ups and downs, but I pray that no matter what, we will lead a life pleasing to our Father.

I leave you with my favorite New Year's song by Regina Spektor. Hope 2010 brings you and yours lots of happiness!! 
Happy New Year!!!