Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sickly, sickly, oh so sickly.....

Blahhhhhh. That's how I feel today.

I haven't felt this bad in a while. SO sore throat, hurts my ears when I swallow, runny nose, and a constant headache. Annnnnnnd, my tummy hurts too.
So, needless to say, I have spent the MAJORITY of this beautiful Sunday (which is now dark out) inside bundled up, doped up on ThermaFlu, in my bed. :(

At least Kate came up from Columbia for the 1st part of the weekend and we had a BLAST!!! :) Friday night the 2 of us and Lydz and Jordan went to the Low Country Fair and it was TOO much fun!!! :) And then Saturday, Kate, Lydia, and I had the best time trying to squeeze as much downtown Charleston fun in as we could before Kate had to leave around 4 to head back to Cola to babysit. We had an awesome breakfast outside at Kudu (an amazing coffee house up the street from the Edens' house), then we walked over to studio so they could see where Jonathan spends all of his waking hours (he had been there since 9 AM that morning). He gave them the tour of studio and the wood shop and we introduced them to all his classmates. Then we walked from there down to the marina and looked at all the fabulous boats, hoping someone would just let us have theirs!! :) Ha!!! Then on to Norm's for pizza and wings for lunch. Yummm-y. Then we had to head back to the house so that Kate could shower and leave for babysitting. :(
We must have walked a good 5 or so miles!! It was awesome and the perfect weather!!! It was beautiful in must have been at least 70 degrees!! least I was able to enjoy Saturday. And I had SO many things I wanted/needed to get done today before another work week begins. Oh well. I think to get fully feeling better I'll just stay right where I'm at.

Monday, November 3, 2008

6th Folder 6th Picture

Ok. I was tagged by the fabulous Jennifer Turner to do this, and it is really interesting to see what it turns out being!!! 

So, here it is.... (I'm having some technical difficulties with uploading images, which I think may have to do with my limit of total size/pictures I can add, so therefore it's really small)

Kate and Alice checking out the kitchen of our cabin just as we arrived for our 2nd Annual Girls Mountain Weekend.

We had just come in and unloaded the car completely of all of our stuff, and I think they were already planning some yummy meals for the weekend!!! GREAT times!!! :)

So, now I tag Rebekah Edens and Ashley Large!! Ya'll had better do it!!! And, no MUST post the 6th picture in the 6th folder of your MY PICTURES folder. No matter what the picture is!!! :) Have fun!!!