Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snakes and snails…

…and puppy dog tails! 

Baby E is a…baby BOY!

Who knew!? So many of our family and friends were thinking pink, pink, pink…and I’ll be honest, I believe that deep down in my gut, that’s what Jonathan and I were thinking as well. I was truly going off of nothing; the Sunday before our gender reveal party, while in the shower (which, sorry for the TMI, but that, along with the car, is where I do some of my best thinking, praying, and talking with my Father), for a minute I had what some might call my first, and only, instinct of a baby girl.

Other than that, no motherly instinct on gender…at all.

I truly feel that this was because if I declared the gender one way or the other, particularly out loud, that I felt I might be showing favoritism towards either, resulting in feeling guilty if I was wrong. Jonathan had a dream around 6 weeks about it being a girl; one so real, with emotions felt so strong, that had him thinking a girl as well.

But…blue it is. And we could not be MORE excited!

Girls had more votes at the party...but boy won!!!
As you may recall from my last post, we were to have our gender reveal party on the Saturday after our Thursday appointment with the OB.
The party went SO well and was so, so much fun! I truly cannot say thank you enough to my parents for allowing us to have it at their house, – which is immaculately beautiful and was the perfect place – for the food preparation, decorating, and overall hosting along with help from my sweet sister, to Sandra and Jerry for all the added decorations, food, and punch, to Sandra and Rebekah for the photography, and to my BBFF JB for all the help in setting up and getting things ready, and the biggest task of all, prepping the reveal!

Some of you may be wondering…how did we reveal the big news??? Well…

Many people did not believe that Jonathan and I did not find out the gender when at the doctor that Thursday, but…we really did not (I know…me wait?!?! Shocking to say the least). We had the tech put the sonogram in a sealed envelope, and we then passed the mysterious, wonderful secret on to one of our nearest and dearest friends, Joya (she might as well be family). Prior to the party, I had purchased a piñata, along with blue, boy wrapped mints and pink, girl wrapped mints. I gave all of it to Joya, and simply told her to fill the piñata as the picture led. Apparently, there are new and improved piñatas around these days, and instead of hitting them with a ball bat, you take turns pulling ribbons (18-20 or so included) until one of them is THE one – and as you pull, the piñata busts open and all the candy drops! 

Sweet she kept it a secret, we will never know! 
So, you’re probably figuring it out by now.

Joya filled the piñata with the correct mints and Jonathan and I took turns pulling ribbons until the piñata busted…of course, the last ribbon was the winner, and I was the one to excitedly pull it! I’ve got to say, this was a really fun way of finding out together, along with everyone else, because my heart was beating overtime and the excitement and adrenaline behind not knowing as each ribbon was pulled was just too much fun!

The best part of the entire day, however, was Jonathan’s reaction to the blue wrapped mints as they fell to the ground. He cried…and then cried…and then cried some more. I could do nothing but grin from ear to ear as I imagined a precious baby boy growing up to be just like his incredible daddy!

This picture pretty much sums up his joy. I love it. 
We also had a reveal cake that one of my students’ sweet and precious mama offered to bake for us and it was absolutely beautiful! That was a lot of fun cutting into as well! 

AH-mazing cake. 
At the end of the afternoon, my daddy asked, “Well Lu, was it everything you dreamed of and more??” I replied, teasingly, that it was even better than my wedding day, but truly, it was perfect and we feel very fortunate to have enjoyed another blessed day with family and friends, filled with lots of laughter and fun! 

Lots of beautiful, handmade decor: 

Pink and Blue teams: 

Pulling ribbons from the piñ's blue!!

Happy parents and grandparents! 

Weight gain: 8 lbs (3 lbs from 8 week to 12 week appointment, 5 lbs from 12 to 16 week appointment). I am still not used to this rapid weight gain, so each time the nurse has me stand on the scale and I read it, it freaks me out. I am still wearing all of my regular pants and jeans, but with a BeBand. I am not uncomfortable, and I don't feel bigger than my normal self...just in my belly, of course. The doctor said my weight is perfect; right on target, so I'm taking her word for it. 

Sleep: I am still up and down all night. For bathroom trips, and tossing and turning from side to side throughout the night. I continue to sleep well for about an hour to an hour and a half, and then I am awake to turn, potty, or grab a sip of juice in the kitchen. I too, like many mamas, truly in my heart believe this is the Lord's way of prepping us for what's to come once sweet baby is here! 

Gender: B-O-Y, BOY!!! 

Name: Remember me stating that we had no CLUE for boy names, yeah, well...since finding out, we have a couple of ideas, but haven't completely finalized anything yet. 

Feeling: Pretty good, actually! Continuing to gain back energy, but still coming home some days after work and crashing on the couch - last week in particular was a doozy. About once a week to 2 weeks, I get some bad constipation/indigestion/reflux, and I am somewhat miserable...but it does pass. 

Cravings: Still nothing in particular. I just told someone this week if I had to say I had craved something, it would definitely be juice. We didn't have any in the house for a few days, and after Jonathan brought home some orange juice this past week, I downed 8 oz in about 8 seconds flat. Still not doing great with the whole milk thing, but trying. Trying is still good, right?!

Health: Haven't done much better with walking; last week's weather, and schedule, really didn't permit it. It was super cold, rainy, and I was super busy at school with evening performances. We're supposed to have some great weather this week, so that is my goal! Eating habits are the same, so I am continuing to try and do better there as well. 

I was 18 weeks on Tuesday and my next appointment is Thursday, April 17th. 

So for me, what does having a baby boy mean??

I’ll admit…my immediate reaction, when alone with this new overwhelming, but joyous news, made me nervous. However, as time has passed and I have had more time to reflect, the more excited I have become.

Every time I am alone with my thoughts, all I can think about is holding my precious baby boy. My mind begins to wonder about so many things:

Will he have his mama’s fair skin, blonde hair, and hazel eyes…or his daddy’s tan complexion, orangutan hair, ears too big for his little head, and beautiful, long eyelashes???

What about his personality?? Will he be caring and bubbly yet stubborn and defiant like his mama?? Or, so considerate and thoughtful of others yet prideful at times like his daddy??

Will he be talented athletically and want to play sport after sport after sport, or will he have so much talent in his body artistically that he doesn’t have the time to even use it all??

My mind wonders every day, so much so, that it’s all consuming – but in such a good way. And then I remember:

None of that truly matters.

Unless he is discipled.
By his daddy and mommy. From the moment he takes his first breath.
To be trained up. To be more like Christ. 

To have knowledge of whom God is, to believe, but most importantly, to understand that even more than he will ever need us, he will need Jesus. To cover his sins.
And once believing, to be continuously, daily, striving to be more like Christ in showing those around him who Christ is and that salvation is more than a prayer. It’s a daily way of life.

And then I am overwhelmed. And my wonderings change to prayer. Prayer for the Lord to equip Jonathan and myself to be good parents, but most importantly, to teach our son to know the Lord and to love him with all of his heart, soul, strength, and mind.

To make a disciple.

God help us to bathe our child in prayer even now.
And to reflect on our own hearts, striving ourselves to be more like Christ for the sake of salvation for our first-born son.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

12, 14, and 16 Weeks

I really and truly did not intend to wait 4 weeks -an entire month- before posting again. 2 weeks was my goal.

Oh well. So is life. 

Prego update:

I am feeling MUCH better. 
1st trimester was ROUGH. 
I was nauseous and sick throughout the day, every day. For the first 12 weeks, eating was more of a "chore" and I would tell Jonathan this every time the mention of food came about. Being hungry was not the issue...I would "feel" hungry, but just didn't want to, could not, eat. Thankfully in those first 12 weeks I only had to suffer through 2 actual throw ups. 
Back pain.
My word. It was, and at times continues to be, awful. There were a few days that I came straight home, got in the bed, and would cry because the pain was so bad. Getting up out of the bed to run to the bathroom for the 4,495 time throughout the night, was like unfolding a tightly wound, non WD40ed, coil of wire. 


Being that those were my 2 major issues, when I went to my next, and 2nd OB/12 week visit, I asked the doctor for some relief. As usual, I was told the nausea would relieve itself after week 14 or so, and for the back pain, he said, " need to stop standing on your feet all day." 

Doc, please. 

Don't stand and kindergarten do NOT go together in the same sentence. 

So, he then suggested a pregnant garter belt of sorts, or a pregnancy pad of some sorts. I was not feeling either of these options. So, I made it a point to try my hardest and not stand nearly as much for the next 4 weeks as I have so commonly become known to my K babies for dragging my rocker all around the room wherever we are, whatever we're doing. 
And the back pain has most definitely subsided, but it has been quite the challenge for this constantly performing teacher. 

Other than that, my 12 week appointment was pretty uneventful. I had a doppler ultrasound and heard the baby's heartbeat again ,138 b/m, (although very hard to hear, this early in the game is still a relief with each passing visit) and then spoke with the doctor very briefly. It went really well.

After my appointment, I enjoyed a delicious, quick dinner with Granna, and "whatever Jerry decides he wants to be called." 

Mexi with the in-laws :)
The next 2 weeks, my desire to eat did improve, although it somewhat changed from "I'm nauseous, I don't want to eat," to "I'm STARVING!"...binge it's meal time..."Uuughhh. I don't want anything," and my sense of smell was completely heightened and just made me feel so sick. 

In the last 2 weeks, that has definitely passed, but I went through about a week of awful terrible indigestion. Terrible. After every meal, no matter what I ate, it was like the worst reflux I had ever experienced. Pre-pregnancy, I was always a Tums girl, so those at least helped a little bit. Some of it I just had to burn through though. 
No pun intended, of course. 

This past week, I have experienced stomach pains. Nothing out of the ordinary, not gas pains. I am just uncomfortable. Lots of pelvic pains as well. I am assuming all of this discomfort in pains and twinges is simply the growing and stretching of ligaments that support my uterus and are just continuing to grow. 

But, for the first time, I do feel uncomfortable. 
Which makes me unbelievably happy.

At the moment, I do not have any "stats" to share; I look forward to sharing more about that the further along that I become. I still am not having any cravings, I more or less am grateful that I want to eat now and just eat whatever tickles my fancy. With only 2 total visits to the doctor, I still have not been measured or discovered any of the major changes in baby E, but again, look forward to those fun facts in the next few weeks! 

Weight gain: 3+ lbs (3 lbs from 8 week to 12 week appointment, but I know that has increased in the last 4 weeks)

Sleep: I am up and down all night. Not just for the aforementioned bathroom trips, but tossing and turning from side to side throughout the night. I generally will sleep well for about an hour to an hour and a half, and then I am awake to turn, potty, or grab a sip of juice in the kitchen. 

Gender: Finding out tomorrow! So, so very excited! 

Name: We actually have 2 girl names...and not a single CLUE about a boy name. We, at one time, had it set in stone, changed it a bit, and then totally dropped the name(s) completely. Sheesh. 

Feeling: Eh. Better, but as I said before, just uncomfortable. I have definitely gained back some of the energy that was completely NON-EXISTENT in the 1st trimester, but I still find myself coming home 4 out of 5 days after work and crashing on the couch. I am hoping with the grand entrance of spring tomorrow and some warmer weather, that will all change and continue to boost itself. 

Cravings: Really, none. I LOVE juice and as stated before, find myself drinking it like crazy. I have always drank nothing but water with a few sodas here and there when I felt like I needed a little "pick me up," but since discovering baby E, I just can't seem to fill up in the thirst department. Water and juice are of 1st choice. I am trying to drink milk and do better in that dairy aspect (pre-pregnancy, I never, ever touched the stuff. Don't much care for it, at all). 

Health: Who knows. Prior to pregnancy I was a pretty healthy gal, so I hope that has remained and carried right over into baby E. I have NOT exercised like I would prefer to, and was a runner pre-pregnancy. However, again, with the soon-to-be weather change and gained energy, my hope is to walk 30 minutes a day and add more green to my diet. 

8 Weeks 
12 Weeks
14 Weeks
As stated before, tomorrow we head to the doctor for an "early" ultrasound to determine the gender of baby E! My OB offers this at 16 at an added cost as opposed to the traditional 20 week ultrasound. To say that we are completely stoked is a total understatement! The hardest part (for me) however, is that we are not actually going to find out tomorrow...if baby E does not make it completely obvious and cooperates, of course. We are asking the doctor to put the exciting news into a sealed envelope which will then be given to one of our nearest and dearest friends to help prepare for the big reveal at our gender reveal party with close friends and family this Saturday at my parents' home. 
Whew...I don't know if I can leave that envelope sealed! 

Party favors...girl or boy?
Although I am already hearing a majority GIRL vote, I cannot wait to see the official tally on Saturday! 
Please join us in praying for a good visit with even better results and a cooperative, plain as day, HEALTHY baby E! I am nervous as this is the first sonogram that will be taken since 8 weeks prior, but I know I serve a God who is in control, always. 

That's pretty much where I am today, at 16 weeks and 1 day, just into the 2nd trimiester. I feel as though everything I have shared has been this bad feeling and that bad feeling and negative, but fact of the matter is, pregnancy is, in the physical matter, uncomfortable and not all bliss. 
However, it is bliss. 
It means that baby E is growing and changing and hopefully getting all that it needs. 
And that is just the type of bliss that I am completely O.K. with. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

He loves ❤

I am amazed -whenever I take the time out of my own selfishness- and reflect at how much the Lord truly does love His children...

...and I am learning quickly that the truest evidence of this (although I do not believe we will, on this present earth, truly ever understand the depth of His great love), is in a child. 

Jonathan and I are overjoyed to announce that we are expecting our first child on September 1st of this year, and as stated above, although just shy of 12 weeks along, the feelings we already have towards this baby are inexpressible. 

Wow. Just the thought of the tremendous responsibility that comes along with this next step in our journey together amazes me that God would see us fit to give us this gift. We are still in a bit of the beginning "whoaaaaaa" emotion, but happy, oh so happy. 

Happy, happy, joy, joy :)
So, to give everyone the story of how we got here today:

Children had become a reoccurring topic of discussion almost a year ago. It wasn't until the end of last school year, May 2013, while having dinner at Don Pablos that we made the official decision to give it a go. J even kept the receipt from this outing, but it wasn't until a few weeks later that he showed this to me, including a little message that he had written to himself: 

A great keepsake for grandchildren one day, right?? 
By the way: if you know this wonderful man in the least, he is going to be an 
absolute. mush. pot. 
Absolute. He is so tender and considerate as is when it comes to me, so I cannot imagine what will happen when baby E arrives!

From there on out, the rest is pretty much history! I went off of my birth control last January, we began "officially" trying in June, and Christmas Eve morning, yes, Christmas Eve morning!!!, while taking yet another pregnancy test, that miraculous, little plus sign showed up! 

+ BABY!!! 12.24.13
Talk about a blessing at Christmas...and not being able to say a WORD!!! Poor J was about to pop, especially having to be around all of our families at such a wonderful time of year, but we both were able to pull through on our promise to one another. 

I immediately made an appointment right after Christmas, scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd at 9:45AM. Jonathan took the time off to go with me and it was one of the best and most amazing (and most willing) visits I have ever made to my OB-GYN. We were there for almost 3 hours and if you happen to see Jonathan, you can ask him about his first examination experience: PRICELESS. To quote him, "This place is a HOUSE of HORROR!!!" 

We also had our first ultrasound and when we heard the heartbeat for the first time, we both cried overwhelming tears of amazement. At just 8 weeks, with a heartbeat of 174 b/ some do not consider that life, much less that there is even a God who so intricately designs our inner most parts (Psalm 139:13) completely saddens me. 
Our appointment went REALLY well...until I had to give 3 viles of blood, of course. Again, another experience you can ask J about. 
Bless his heart (or in this case, mine). 

Waiting to see the Doctor after our ultrasound. 
Lunch afterwards with my baby' daddy. 
The day of our appointment we planned -oh so very greatly planned- to tell both sets of parents and that went REALLY well!! 
But...I will leave that for another post, very soon. 
So that evening we made the necessary visits, and over time we let grandparents know, and then went on to spend the next 4 weeks in complete torture not being able to breathe a word (with the few exceptions of some friends/co-workers/church family that we practically do life with everyday and had to tell). 
So here are the current stats:

Baby E at 8 weeks and 2 days 
I have a couple more pictures that I would love to share, just of bump and baby progression (not a whole lot going on in either department as of yet), but I those will have to wait as well. 

For now, and pretty much from here on out, we are asking for your prayers. 
Prayers for several things: a healthy and progressive pregnancy with no problems, a healthy baby E, naturally, and for us, as parents. Pray that the Lord will have already begun to equip us and prepare us to not only to be the parents that He has called us to be, but to follow His command of making a disciple for Him (Matthew 28:19-20). Pray for obedience and discipline in our lives to be ready for this tremendous blessing He is giving to us. 

The Lord is good, no matter what, and we will praise His name, no matter what! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I did not forget...

I promise I did not return only to just slip back into a black hole. I have been meaning to post for a week or two, but alas, life is busy. Better to be out living than to be sitting behind a computer, right?

The weekend after I posted, we headed to Flat Rock, NC for the long weekend with the youth for our annual winter retreat at the fabulous Bonclarken for Amped 2014. Needless to say, it was super busy and super tiring, but...super fun! We had a blast and learned a ton about the life of Peter and how to become better disciples in the name of Jesus. I absolutely love going on these retreats with these kiddos. I love them so much, and even more, I love watching them grow spiritually. They challenge me and I am so grateful for it. 

Along with life in general - you know, teaching and building churches - we have continued to be busy and before I realized it, January had turned into February 1st. Oddly enough, I love and adore this time of year, and look forward to many exciting and fun things planned for this month! 

As far as the renovation goes, we continue to press on. Because January was so busy, we kind of hit a wall, but Jonathan did manage to get two of our IKEA closets put in...and they.look.FABULOUS. 

The recessed lighting really adds to the whole look J was going for.
In love.
So...just a few more closets to get in, a few baseboards to paint, clean-up, and then we can begin picking out and putting into place furniture. YAY!

On a more personal note, if you know me, you know that music is my life beat to the Lord. I absolutely love the Word, but I am so grateful for the way He uses song to speak into my life on a daily basis. I have so many songs that I LOVE and listen to on repeat...all.the.time. Lately, one in particular just seems to always come on the radio, every single time I am in the car alone. I have relished in the words of this song, and feel so comforted, loved, and reminded of the way that, if we allow Him, the Lord will carry us through not just struggles, but as it has spoken to me, through life in general. 

I hope you can feel His grace in your life today as you hear these words.
Happy Tuesday friends. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why not?

3 and 1/2 years.

That's how long it's been since I last posted.

With the new year in full swing, and once again, the Edens are diving right in to the deep end, no life preserver included, I have been thinking a lot about getting back on the blogging band wagon. The thought actually came to mind around Christmas time, and the later I wait...well you know how that goes.
So...with that being said: here I am. If you're even still out there, or if you even care enough to read (and I truly don't blame you if you don't), I am going to really, truly try to be blogger committed. For your reading enjoyment and pure curiosity of course.

Since I last posted, much has occurred. Mostly the day to day life of teaching the kindergarten babies and designing and building some pretty sick churches for J, lots of hanging out and ministering to the youth with our beloved brothers and sisters at Whitefield, and simply spending time with family and friends - while we also watched the successes and excitement of those that we love around us as well.

I suppose the most interesting thing going on as of late would be trying to complete a renovation that we began almost 4 years ago when we first purchased our home. One of the last posts that I wrote gave you a glimpse into said Renovation, which hit a stopping point about a year later in 2011 and then was picked back up for a couple of weeks in 2012; we didn't work long before putting it to the side once more as Jonathan and Jerry have been doing ALL of the work themselves which as anyone who works and lives full time knows: is very, very challenging. As the 2013 Christmas season approached, when Santa (aka Hubby) asked for my Christmas wish list, I simply stated 1 thing:

I want the back bedroom renovation done. Finished. Completely.

So, with some time off from work over the Christmas break, that's exactly what he did. He got to work with a goal to finish the back bedroom. He, along with Jerry (and some extra help painting from Sandra), worked tirelessly for 2 straight weeks to get as much work completed as possible before heading back to work in the new year.
We are oh. so. close. to being finished. He has worked every evening for the past week and a half, and with just a few more items to take care of, we are. almost. there. J is continuing to work consistently to get things finished. When the work is done, we can then move to the next step which will be decorating and giving the room just the right look that we're going for.

Finishing up the last of the sanding and sheet rock work.
Starting clean up from the sheet rock so that painting can begin.
We have floors again...beautiful, sheet rock free, clean floors!
So. much. paint.
I think I am MOST excited about the brown that we chose for the ceilings. 
Painting is SO much fun...right?! 
Another FAVE: the vanity nook wall, created from flooring refurbished from the original. Love. 
I love. 
Getting there...lots of love labor.
Be still my heart. 

Looking through progress pictures amazes me - I am married to a true renaissance man...he astounds me with how he is just good. at. everything.
I have always said the blessing of him is one of the Lord's truest earthly examples that He no doubt, loves me more than I could ever fathom.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well Hey There, Summer!!

Funny thing....I originally began this post on June 7th, and left it because I got busy, and I am just NOW getting back to it. And now.....July!?!? Already!?!? Whew. Summer!!! SLOW DOWN!!!!

Busy, busy, busy little bees hardly describes it for the Edens!! I have days where I don't even feel like I am on summer break because we work at or for the house all day long!!

Before summer even began though, I wrapped things up at Calhoun, and this included packing up the ENTIRE school for summer construction. It is no doubt going to be absolutely gorgeous when we return in August, but the work to pack up was unreal. I came home every day for the last 2 weeks of school drenched in sweat and covered in dust. I was a sight!!
But the year did end very nicely and while I always adore summer break, it was really hard to say goodbye to "my babies." We had such a sweet, sweet group this year and my parents really spoiled us!!

Celebrating one of the kids' most favorite days of the entire school year, EVER.....FIELD DAY!! I love all the different facial expressions happening here :)

So then it was from packing up school to packing up home. I have been very blessed in that, Jonathan's work schedule has allowed him to work from home and be available to help out (which I am L-O-V-I-N-G this summer work schedule....he gets to be home with me!!!). I know that will all change soon (actually, as this post comes up-to-date from my original start, that all may change next week), but I am so thankful to have had him like I did for the month of June. God continues to really just allow everything to work out so very smoothly for us, and we are so grateful.

On top of packing to move, we also painted 2 rooms at the house, got the floors refinished, and got the studs up in the master suite renovation for the closets. That project had been put on hold until we got completely moved OUT of the apartment and moved INTO the house...which was official as of today, June 30th.

The Dining Room we painted a very pretty blue color.

And the front bedroom, the guest bedroom, we painted gray!!

No one else could handle the stress (or was OCD enough) of perfectly lining the blue tape and paper. He did it just right!!

Patching all the nail and screw holes in our plaster walls was THE hardest work I've done in a while. My arms hurt SO bad!!

The Edens and our spanking new refinished floors. The floors are gorgeous!!

This is one of my favorite shots...I love that you can see my shoes' reflection in the floors.

The floors in the office. They turned out better than we ever could have imagined they would!!

And the studs are up for the closets in the master bedroom and next up is electrical.

We spent ALL day this past Saturday, and ALL day this past Monday making the major trips with 2 truck beds, 1 trailer, 1 luggage buggy, and my car. We spent the weeks prior to today (the 30th, our move out date) packing and working at the house. Last night, we went over to our apartment, got the very last load, and my mama and I cleaned, mopped, and vacuumed everything until the entire place was spotless.
So technically, aside from all the work, we were able to get everything moved in 3 trips!! It's really and truly amazing how much you can accumulate after just being married a little less than two years!!!

There were some quite comical events that took place during these trips. Not so funny then, but looking back now, very hilarious!!

Hilarity #1: After trying to beat a storm ALL day Saturday, we got on the road from Central to Piedmont, and said storm (aka-black looming cloud) followed us, literally right over the truck, the entire way.

Hilarity #2: Over halfway to Piedmont, because I WAY overpacked the luggage buggy with my clothes, the left tire went flat. Pulled over to pump it up, no go. So flat it wouldn't even take any air!! So, what do you do?? Got to make it to the house before the sky falls out. No worries....hoist up into the bed of your Toyota!!!

It's amazing how much work, effort, and sweat we have put into this move. We have worked so hard and so have both sets of our parents. They have helped pack, move, paint, and done anything else you can think of to help us -- even fed us at times!! We COULD NOT have done it without them!!
I am beyond mentally and physically tired, and my body aches most mornings when I wake up, but, I KNOW it's all going to be worth it in the end!!

So as you can see, June has went by in the blink of an eye, and we really haven't done much of anything except move and work on and in the house. Not a lot of "summer" events happening for the Edens, but....summer's not over yet!!! July is filled with America's birthday, our birthdays, and our anniversary, so we shall see what's to come!!!