Wednesday, July 30, 2014

32 and 34 Week Check-Up

I am combining my latest update since these last two visits were so similar and so quick. 

I was told prior to that at both of these appointments they would be super brief; pee in the cup, weight, blood pressure, doppler for heartbeat check, measure, and boom: done. This very much turned out to be the case...

...until they TOTALLY threw me at my 32 week appointment and I had to get my finger pricked for a routine hemaglobin check-up! Not at all this needle terrified mama's favorite surprise, at all. Ugh.

Other than that, the appointment went very well. Blood pressure was great, heartbeat was in the 130's and measurement was right on target at 32. I met with Dr. Tweedt for this visit, and we had the best conversation about how insensitive, full of advice, and unfortunately, just plain stupid others become when you become pregnant - it was the best conversation and exactly what I needed at that point. She's so awesome! 
After I finished with the doctor, I got my dreaded finger prick, and then headed home and took a nice, long, 3 hour nap. 

32 week selfie before my appointment
32 week fruit picture

For my 34 week appointment it was even less eventful. Jonathan was able to go with me to this one, and we saw Dr. Beck. Same ole, same ole; usual vital checks, blood pressure was good, heartbeat was 150's, and measurement was on target once again: 34 and 3 days. We then took some time to ask Dr. Beck some labor/weight/birthing questions to which she gave us the answer I had been thinking all along: it's far too early to tell at this point. So many have asked about Emery's weight, or if I really think I am going to make it another 6 weeks, and when I told her this, she just laughed. She said we have had a very typical pregnancy and unless something out of the ordinary happens, chances are most likely that he will come either a few days before September 1st or a few days after. 
Again, another great conversation with another great doctor at Piedmont. I love that place. 

34 week baby bump
After our appointment we had the wonderful opportunity to go visit a very dear, amazing friend of mine from college who is currently living in the hospital due to her water breaking at 22 weeks. I know. It's awful; however, the Lord has shown his power and evidence in her life in a MAJOR way in the last 4 weeks. She just made it to 26 weeks this past Sunday and she and her sweet baby Elise are defying all odds and the next goal is 28 weeks. Prayer is a powerful thing, and if you think about it, please pray for my friend and her sweet baby girl. 

So after 4 weeks, here is my latest update:
Weight gain: 20+ lbs. Continuing to steadily make the move up, but like I said, I feel the same everywhere else, just big in the belly :)   

Sleep: Ugh. Non-existent at this point. It's miserable. It's also my back. All my back. But totally worth it. 

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: I guess I should be pretty thankful that I made it all the way to 34 weeks, with 6 weeks left, before I started to feel...blah. Yeah. That's it. I just feel blah. My feet just started to swell at week 34 (again, I should be thankful) consistently, but they look like sausages. I am SO tired pretty much all of the time, and then while my nesting period I believe has kicked in, my body cannot keep up. After about 20 minutes up moving/cleaning/organizing/working, my back feels like it is going to break in half. BUT...overall, I still am feeling decent. complaints. I am just so grateful for this pregnancy!

Cravings: Still nothing. As I said before, if anything, my pregnant diet is no different than my non-pregnant diet

Health: Doing well. Every appointment I have brings good news. Blood pressure is back on target, really good, and only had to be rechecked at those 2 visits. Again, I am so, so grateful! 

Movement: STILL...this boy never. stops. moving. I can tell he is getting pretty squished though because now I mainly just feel rolls. Lots and lots of rolls! 

I was 35 weeks yesterday (Tuesday), and my next appointment is next Thursday, August 7 for my 36 week visit - Group B Strep (GBS) vaginal culture. Oh goody. Ha! In addition, they will take a look at his position, and I am hoping enlighten me on maybe what they can tell as far as when to expect some things to begin happening. After this visit, I will begin going every week - which I am SO excited about!! 

In the meantime, please lift us up as we enter this VERY exciting, but VERY new and unfamiliar time in our pregnancy and lives. I am beginning to have some major anxiety about going into labor and giving birth, and I just want to let go and trust God. We appreciate your prayers SO very much, always! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vision of Life 3D/4D Visit

The Friday following my 30 week appointment we made a visit to Vision of Life in Powdersville where we were able to see sweet Emery in 4D - seriously one of the coolest experiences in our pregnancy yet!

It was really special because we invited both sets of parents, as well as both of Jonathan's grandparents (mine are no longer living) to share such in this special, unique experience with us! 

No sooner had we started taking a peek at Emery, than sweet baby boy made a heart with his precious little hands for us!
Needless to say, the men in the room were quite proud of this shot! 

I cannot WAIT to kiss that sweet, precious, precious face! 

Little man had some big thighs! 

Cannot wait baby boy! 

The tech (who was absolutely adorable) showing us all what position Emery is currently in...

So thankful that Emery has all of these wonderful people to love on him! 

I sure do love my baby's daddy!! :) 
The appointment went SO well and we had a blast! We were given a CD full of 4D pictures, along with some beautiful printed ones. We were told that Emery had big thighs, was super active, that there was DEFINITELY no hiding his manhood, had hardly any hair that could potentially be blonde, and he was "so precious!" 

If you are ever wondering whether or not the trip to Vision of Life is worth the is! Worth every penny of seeing our precious little man! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

30 Week Check-Up

Man. Did I mention how much I am enjoying going to the doctor for check-ups every TWO weeks versus every FOUR weeks???

I love it! 

Had my 30 week appointment this morning. This particular appointment was mainly to receive my Tdap Vaccine, which includes whooping cough and tetanus in order to prevent the baby from getting sick due to both of these since he cannot have these vaccinations for a period of time after birth. In addition, we did the usual measurement, heart beat, and question/answer. 

Right before my appointment...I was pretty excited about going despite yet another impending shot :)

Jonathan took this that night after my appointment. I was still in major pain from the shot. It really hurt! 

Here is my 30 week update:
Weight gain: 20+ lbs. Steadily making the move up, but like I said, I feel the same everywhere else, just big in the belly :)   

Sleep: I have had some better, more consistent nights of sleep recently, so I've been excited about that! Still up to pee often, but easily falling right back into slumber.

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: Felt really good the last 2 weeks prior to this check-up so thankful for that! No complaints from this mama :)  

Cravings: Still nothing. As I said before, if anything, my pregnant diet is no different than my non-pregnant diet

Health: Doing well. Every appointment I have brings good news. When my blood pressure was checked, it was low and typical; however, the nurse that I had stated it was, "faint," so for her own peace of mind, she wanted to check it again. She had me lay down, checked it, and it was right on target. I did still have to have that Tdap shot after the fact, so I'd say that's pretty good! 

Movement: Just go ahead and sign him up for some ADD prognosis - like his daddy. This boy never. stops. moving.   

I was 32 weeks yesterday (Tuesday), and my next appointment is tomorrow, Thursday, July 10 for a regular visit - heart beat and measurement. 

Praying for a continued good measure of blood pressure and just an overall good visit tomorrow with the doctor - measurement and heart rate. I feel so fortunate that the Lord has willed such a good, healthy pregnancy to us thus far. 

For the LORD is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation. Psalm 100:5

Monday, June 23, 2014

28 Week Check-Up

So my 28 week appointment came and went shortly after the school year ended and my summer began. My doctor appointment was on Thursday, June 12, after we returned from our trip to the wonderful city of DC and the beautiful, old town, Alexandria, Virginia. We had a fabulous time and it was a WONDERFUL way to rest after a very busy end of year and packing my classroom up after 8 years of teaching. 

My doctor's visit required two requirements: getting my RH negative shot as well as having blood taken for my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. I survived my shot, which was tender for about 2 seconds, and was for my glucose test was told if I received a call in 3-4 days, I would have tested above 140, meaning I had gestational diabetes. If I did not receive a phone call, I tested less than 140 and was good to go. As of this past Thursday, and since then, I have not heard anything; therefore: I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST!!!!!! :) Very grateful and thankful for such a good report! 

Here is my 28 week update: 

Weight gain: 18+ lbs (? lbs from 24 to 28 week appointment). I actually didn't pay attention at ALL this visit to the scale. I really am not concerned with this as I truly feel the same throughout my body with the exception that my belly is huge! Ha! I believe that I am mainly all baby and being shorter waisted, he really doesn't have anywhere to go but out. So...yeah.  

Sleep: Same ole, same ole. Sleep about an hour, then up to pee. Lay back down, fall back asleep within 5 minutes. I sleep well except that throughout the night as I am trying to consistently change from side to side, the changing is a bit stretchy and painful for my belly. Also, about twice a night I awake up with one leg in numbing, awful pain. It does subside in a few minutes though.   

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: Continuing to feel well over all and still love being pregnant. I can definitely tell that I am in the 3rd trimester and on the downhill slope now though, because I definitely have more aches/stretching/and growing pains. I am also more uncomfortable in just about anything I wear and bending over is definitely obsolete at this point. My reflux has improved; after finally getting some Nexium that I am taking daily, the pain is nowhere near what it was. Hoping things stay that way. 

Cravings: Still nothing. If anything, my pregnant diet is no different than my non-pregnant diet

Health: Doing well. Every appointment I have brings good news. The past two appointments my blood pressure did have to be checked twice, but the second times showed my average, low BP. I personally think it was because of what was taking place at both of those appointments (not a huge fan of the doctor in general and things that come with). I also think I am what they consider an "average, typical" pregnancy. When visiting the doctor, I am always told, "Looks good!" with everything that is checked. REALLY grateful to God. 

Movement: My baby boy is CONSTANTLY on the move. I of course do not have anything to compare him to, but seriously. This kid moves CONSTANTLY, all day long - kicking, tickling, wiggling, punching, turning, flipping. He is beginning to move enough to where he can visibly be seen from the outside and when sitting next to anyone, we get quite the kick out of it (no pun intended). Even more recently than usual, he is rarely still.  

I will be 30 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday), and my next appointment is this Thursday, June 26 for my tetanus shot. We are also having our 4D visit at Vision of Life on Friday and I could not be more excited!!! I cannot wait to see sweet Emery in detail!! We have invited our parents and Jonathan's grandparents to join us.  

24 eggplant. 

My mama joined me for my 28 week appointment since I was going to be having so much needle poking going on and I couldn't have handled it without her. She also treated me to lunch afterwards at the delicious Tupelo Honey.

She is going to be the best mimi. :)  

Lunch at Tupelo Honey.

One other thing we did recently, was celebrate Jonathan's very first Father's Day. I cannot even describe the anticipation that I have in seeing him with Emery when the time comes. I do not doubt his abilities as a father for one second and I thank the Lord for the man that He continues to shape Jonathan into daily. He is the perfect leader to disciple our son. I am so, so thankful for his life and role in our home. 

Father's Day, 2014

Continuing to pray to God daily that He will continue to fully grow this blessing to good health and for a safe, healthy delivery. If you are willing, please pray as well. We are just shy of 10 weeks out - I cannot believe how fast this time is flying by!  

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 

Monday, June 2, 2014

24 Week Check-Up

...except that as I write this, I am 26 weeks and 6 days.

I have a bad habit of getting behind, but this time of year, especially, is the worst time of year to try and keep up. 

May has been incredibly busy for the Edens and as June has just begun, it's going to be another 2 weeks before things slow down a bit. With closing out another school year, packing up 8 years of teaching to close one door only to enter into the next, trying to complete the master bedroom, and then begin the nursery to prepare for sweet Emery's arrival...the plate is full! It will all get taken care of, it always does, but as of this moment in time, I cannot see the light. You know. The one at the end of the tunnel. 

I had my last appointment on Thursday, May 15th, and it was quick and pretty generic. They took my vitals, took baby boy's vitals, quickly checked his HR with the doppler - a strong 150's - measured my belly, and spent about 1 minute chatting the usual before I was on my way. When I first arrived and they took my BP, apparently it was a little higher than usual - for me especially, 142 on top - so they had me meet with the doctor, and then took it again before leaving to make sure we didn't have to take a further step. Afterwards, the nurse took it once more, and the top was 134, so the doctor said, "All is well! See you in 4 weeks!" Whew! They seriously had me nervous and sweating bullets the entire time I was there. If one thing seems off, not even anything that should be alarming, I turn into a major worry wart. Like, I freak out now when he hasn't moved or kicked me in longer than 10 minutes. 

I know. 

There is so much more that I want to share -the overdue post of families' reactions to finding out we were preggers, the overdue post of how we came to the name Emery, baby shower fun from my kindergarten team and my class, the end of the school year, the master bedroom progression, awesome nursery finds- but I just don't have the time right now.
As soon as school gets out, updates are coming! 

In the meantime, let me take a break though, in the midst of the chaos, and give you the 24 week update: 

Weight gain: 18 lbs (4 lbs from 20 to 24 week appointment). Pretty average and pretty much on target. I still do not feel any "extra" weight or sluggishness in my body aside from the obvious, my belly. Clothes, aside from in the chest and stomach, fit pretty much the same. 

Sleep: I have really good nights, like last night, when I sleep REALLY well, and only get up about 3 times total to pee. Then I have other nights where I seriously do not sleep, at all. I am so restless, tossing and turning, and up all night. Mainly from the back pain.  

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: Still really good! I do love being pregnant. My reflux is pretty bad, along with my back pain, but they have each become such a part of my day-to-day routine, that I just deal and move on. I am taking Zantac for the reflux and nothing for the back pain. 

Cravings: Still nothing really...but maybe as of late, sweet tea??? Weird. Prior to pregnancy, I hadn't had a sweet tea in over 8+ years, and in the last month, it's like this thing that I crave. All the time. Who am I???? So weird. 
I have found pregnancy has brought me no cravings, but if anything, to beverages. 

Health: Exercise is the same - walking maybe 1 day a week, but up teaching kindergarten tirelessly until the end. It is a true, on your feet, 7 hour/5 day a week workout, no doubt. I am also eating a decent amount of fruits, veggies, and drinking more milk than I ever have in my life, I am proud to say. We are going through it fairly quickly at the Edens' house. I am also still in the habit of eating my delicious, 2 banana homemade smoothies 3 days a week for breakfast. 

I will be 28 weeks next Tuesday, and my next appointment is Thursday, June 12 for my glucose test, as well as my Rh-negative shot because only about 15% of myself and the US population are weirdos. :

24 ear of corn. 

Until next week's appointment, I am coveting your prayers for a general good visit, but also for good results from my glucose test. I am not really worried about this; however, I do know that it's always a possibility. Also, as silly as it sounds, please pray that I am able to remain calm for my shot. I hate needles, and typically do not respond well.

I cannot tell you how much the constant love, support, encouragement, and kind words already about sweet Emery's life mean to us. Everyone is so thoughtful to always ask how I am doing, or how I am feeling, and I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends that love and care for our family so much.

If I forget to tell you, "thank you for asking," when you do, I definitely meant to say it. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

20 Week Check-Up

Except that as I write this, I am actually 22 weeks and 1 day. 

Needless to say, I am terrible at keeping up with this whole 4 week update at a time pregnancy thing. 

I will try better at 24. Promise. 

We went for our 20 week appointment, otherwise known as the anomaly scan, during my spring break on Thursday, April 17th. It really worked out well that this visit ended up falling during this week since it was going to take about 20-30 minutes just to do the ultrasound. 
The ultrasound tech checked all the major organs and took a closer look at Emery and the uterus, and checked to see that sweet baby boy was developing normally. She also looked to see where the placenta was lying in the uterus. 

We also invited our mamas to this appointment, neither of which had ever seen or had an ultrasound of this type. Needless to say, having them both there was really special and something I am sure none of us will ever forget. 

Two sets of twins, no doubt. 
Up until this point, I had yet to feel Emery kick - which was making me more than a little nervous since I had been told by my doctor, and the general public, that you typically begin to feel movement as early as 16 weeks, but definitely by 18-20 weeks. 
However, I had read that if the placenta is in front of the baby, you wouldn't feel movement as soon and as much. 

As it should turn out, that would be the case.
We began the ultrasound and she first let us hear the heartbeat, and shared that I was measuring a little ahead - stating that Emery could potentially make his grand entrance by the end of August! She then asked if I had felt any movement, and when I nervously told her, "No," she said, "Well that would be because your placenta is right in front, acting as a cushion!" 
This mama did a huge sigh of relief. 

From there, she went through the rest of the ultrasound and everything looked great! We loved getting to see the heart, the brain, the kidneys, the diaphragm - so very cool. No words to express the moment in seeing all of this....
....or the dismay that follows over the truth about abortion when you are in those quiet and unbelievable moments. 

After we finished up with the tech, we met with my doctor for a lengthy 5 minutes, and she stated after looking at the ultrasound information, "Everything looks PERFECT!" She had nothing but good things to say, and said my weight, measurement, blood pressure, and vitals were good as gold! 

Weight gain: 14 lbs (6 lbs from 16 to 20 week appointment). Part of me thinks that I am still gaining too much, but every visit I ask the doctor, and every visit she looks at me like I am crazy....and says my weight gain is perfectly fine. She also reminds me that I was little to begin with; so every pound will seem like 5 in my mind.
Did I mention how much I love her???

Sleep: Ugh. I don't want to talk about it.
Maybe I will feel more like doing so next update. 

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameWe finalized baby boy's name on Saturday, April 12th, while on a mini road trip to IKEA: Emery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is to follow at some point....

Feeling: Great! I have no major complaints...I can honestly say, I love being pregnant. It is such a blessing! I deal with major aches, pains, and soreness in my legs, calves, back (and more recently my feet), but I think it's the nature of my job and standing on my feet all day. I am not coming home as many days from school and feeling like I must lie down and rest for a while before getting some things done around the house though. I also get really bad indigestion and reflux still, but it does pass. 

Cravings: Still nothing. 

Health: I am officially considering the fact that I teach kindergarten - up all day, on my feet, putting on the greatest show on earth - a huge daily exercise regime. I walk about 2 days a week, so I'll take that, too. Eating the same, trying to get in lots of fruits, veggies, and milk. 

I was 22 weeks yesterday, and my next appointment is Thursday, May 15th for a general check-up and talk with the doctor.

20 banana. 

I am so grateful to God in heaven for the grace of a wonderful, healthy 20 week check-up, and as of late, I cannot seem to forget how thankful I am for LIFE. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snakes and snails…

…and puppy dog tails! 

Baby E is a…baby BOY!

Who knew!? So many of our family and friends were thinking pink, pink, pink…and I’ll be honest, I believe that deep down in my gut, that’s what Jonathan and I were thinking as well. I was truly going off of nothing; the Sunday before our gender reveal party, while in the shower (which, sorry for the TMI, but that, along with the car, is where I do some of my best thinking, praying, and talking with my Father), for a minute I had what some might call my first, and only, instinct of a baby girl.

Other than that, no motherly instinct on gender…at all.

I truly feel that this was because if I declared the gender one way or the other, particularly out loud, that I felt I might be showing favoritism towards either, resulting in feeling guilty if I was wrong. Jonathan had a dream around 6 weeks about it being a girl; one so real, with emotions felt so strong, that had him thinking a girl as well.

But…blue it is. And we could not be MORE excited!

Girls had more votes at the party...but boy won!!!
As you may recall from my last post, we were to have our gender reveal party on the Saturday after our Thursday appointment with the OB.
The party went SO well and was so, so much fun! I truly cannot say thank you enough to my parents for allowing us to have it at their house, – which is immaculately beautiful and was the perfect place – for the food preparation, decorating, and overall hosting along with help from my sweet sister, to Sandra and Jerry for all the added decorations, food, and punch, to Sandra and Rebekah for the photography, and to my BBFF JB for all the help in setting up and getting things ready, and the biggest task of all, prepping the reveal!

Some of you may be wondering…how did we reveal the big news??? Well…

Many people did not believe that Jonathan and I did not find out the gender when at the doctor that Thursday, but…we really did not (I know…me wait?!?! Shocking to say the least). We had the tech put the sonogram in a sealed envelope, and we then passed the mysterious, wonderful secret on to one of our nearest and dearest friends, Joya (she might as well be family). Prior to the party, I had purchased a piñata, along with blue, boy wrapped mints and pink, girl wrapped mints. I gave all of it to Joya, and simply told her to fill the piñata as the picture led. Apparently, there are new and improved piñatas around these days, and instead of hitting them with a ball bat, you take turns pulling ribbons (18-20 or so included) until one of them is THE one – and as you pull, the piñata busts open and all the candy drops! 

Sweet she kept it a secret, we will never know! 
So, you’re probably figuring it out by now.

Joya filled the piñata with the correct mints and Jonathan and I took turns pulling ribbons until the piñata busted…of course, the last ribbon was the winner, and I was the one to excitedly pull it! I’ve got to say, this was a really fun way of finding out together, along with everyone else, because my heart was beating overtime and the excitement and adrenaline behind not knowing as each ribbon was pulled was just too much fun!

The best part of the entire day, however, was Jonathan’s reaction to the blue wrapped mints as they fell to the ground. He cried…and then cried…and then cried some more. I could do nothing but grin from ear to ear as I imagined a precious baby boy growing up to be just like his incredible daddy!

This picture pretty much sums up his joy. I love it. 
We also had a reveal cake that one of my students’ sweet and precious mama offered to bake for us and it was absolutely beautiful! That was a lot of fun cutting into as well! 

AH-mazing cake. 
At the end of the afternoon, my daddy asked, “Well Lu, was it everything you dreamed of and more??” I replied, teasingly, that it was even better than my wedding day, but truly, it was perfect and we feel very fortunate to have enjoyed another blessed day with family and friends, filled with lots of laughter and fun! 

Lots of beautiful, handmade decor: 

Pink and Blue teams: 

Pulling ribbons from the piñ's blue!!

Happy parents and grandparents! 

Weight gain: 8 lbs (3 lbs from 8 week to 12 week appointment, 5 lbs from 12 to 16 week appointment). I am still not used to this rapid weight gain, so each time the nurse has me stand on the scale and I read it, it freaks me out. I am still wearing all of my regular pants and jeans, but with a BeBand. I am not uncomfortable, and I don't feel bigger than my normal self...just in my belly, of course. The doctor said my weight is perfect; right on target, so I'm taking her word for it. 

Sleep: I am still up and down all night. For bathroom trips, and tossing and turning from side to side throughout the night. I continue to sleep well for about an hour to an hour and a half, and then I am awake to turn, potty, or grab a sip of juice in the kitchen. I too, like many mamas, truly in my heart believe this is the Lord's way of prepping us for what's to come once sweet baby is here! 

Gender: B-O-Y, BOY!!! 

Name: Remember me stating that we had no CLUE for boy names, yeah, well...since finding out, we have a couple of ideas, but haven't completely finalized anything yet. 

Feeling: Pretty good, actually! Continuing to gain back energy, but still coming home some days after work and crashing on the couch - last week in particular was a doozy. About once a week to 2 weeks, I get some bad constipation/indigestion/reflux, and I am somewhat miserable...but it does pass. 

Cravings: Still nothing in particular. I just told someone this week if I had to say I had craved something, it would definitely be juice. We didn't have any in the house for a few days, and after Jonathan brought home some orange juice this past week, I downed 8 oz in about 8 seconds flat. Still not doing great with the whole milk thing, but trying. Trying is still good, right?!

Health: Haven't done much better with walking; last week's weather, and schedule, really didn't permit it. It was super cold, rainy, and I was super busy at school with evening performances. We're supposed to have some great weather this week, so that is my goal! Eating habits are the same, so I am continuing to try and do better there as well. 

I was 18 weeks on Tuesday and my next appointment is Thursday, April 17th. 

So for me, what does having a baby boy mean??

I’ll admit…my immediate reaction, when alone with this new overwhelming, but joyous news, made me nervous. However, as time has passed and I have had more time to reflect, the more excited I have become.

Every time I am alone with my thoughts, all I can think about is holding my precious baby boy. My mind begins to wonder about so many things:

Will he have his mama’s fair skin, blonde hair, and hazel eyes…or his daddy’s tan complexion, orangutan hair, ears too big for his little head, and beautiful, long eyelashes???

What about his personality?? Will he be caring and bubbly yet stubborn and defiant like his mama?? Or, so considerate and thoughtful of others yet prideful at times like his daddy??

Will he be talented athletically and want to play sport after sport after sport, or will he have so much talent in his body artistically that he doesn’t have the time to even use it all??

My mind wonders every day, so much so, that it’s all consuming – but in such a good way. And then I remember:

None of that truly matters.

Unless he is discipled.
By his daddy and mommy. From the moment he takes his first breath.
To be trained up. To be more like Christ. 

To have knowledge of whom God is, to believe, but most importantly, to understand that even more than he will ever need us, he will need Jesus. To cover his sins.
And once believing, to be continuously, daily, striving to be more like Christ in showing those around him who Christ is and that salvation is more than a prayer. It’s a daily way of life.

And then I am overwhelmed. And my wonderings change to prayer. Prayer for the Lord to equip Jonathan and myself to be good parents, but most importantly, to teach our son to know the Lord and to love him with all of his heart, soul, strength, and mind.

To make a disciple.

God help us to bathe our child in prayer even now.
And to reflect on our own hearts, striving ourselves to be more like Christ for the sake of salvation for our first-born son.