Wednesday, March 19, 2014

12, 14, and 16 Weeks

I really and truly did not intend to wait 4 weeks -an entire month- before posting again. 2 weeks was my goal.

Oh well. So is life. 

Prego update:

I am feeling MUCH better. 
1st trimester was ROUGH. 
I was nauseous and sick throughout the day, every day. For the first 12 weeks, eating was more of a "chore" and I would tell Jonathan this every time the mention of food came about. Being hungry was not the issue...I would "feel" hungry, but just didn't want to, could not, eat. Thankfully in those first 12 weeks I only had to suffer through 2 actual throw ups. 
Back pain.
My word. It was, and at times continues to be, awful. There were a few days that I came straight home, got in the bed, and would cry because the pain was so bad. Getting up out of the bed to run to the bathroom for the 4,495 time throughout the night, was like unfolding a tightly wound, non WD40ed, coil of wire. 


Being that those were my 2 major issues, when I went to my next, and 2nd OB/12 week visit, I asked the doctor for some relief. As usual, I was told the nausea would relieve itself after week 14 or so, and for the back pain, he said, " need to stop standing on your feet all day." 

Doc, please. 

Don't stand and kindergarten do NOT go together in the same sentence. 

So, he then suggested a pregnant garter belt of sorts, or a pregnancy pad of some sorts. I was not feeling either of these options. So, I made it a point to try my hardest and not stand nearly as much for the next 4 weeks as I have so commonly become known to my K babies for dragging my rocker all around the room wherever we are, whatever we're doing. 
And the back pain has most definitely subsided, but it has been quite the challenge for this constantly performing teacher. 

Other than that, my 12 week appointment was pretty uneventful. I had a doppler ultrasound and heard the baby's heartbeat again ,138 b/m, (although very hard to hear, this early in the game is still a relief with each passing visit) and then spoke with the doctor very briefly. It went really well.

After my appointment, I enjoyed a delicious, quick dinner with Granna, and "whatever Jerry decides he wants to be called." 

Mexi with the in-laws :)
The next 2 weeks, my desire to eat did improve, although it somewhat changed from "I'm nauseous, I don't want to eat," to "I'm STARVING!"...binge it's meal time..."Uuughhh. I don't want anything," and my sense of smell was completely heightened and just made me feel so sick. 

In the last 2 weeks, that has definitely passed, but I went through about a week of awful terrible indigestion. Terrible. After every meal, no matter what I ate, it was like the worst reflux I had ever experienced. Pre-pregnancy, I was always a Tums girl, so those at least helped a little bit. Some of it I just had to burn through though. 
No pun intended, of course. 

This past week, I have experienced stomach pains. Nothing out of the ordinary, not gas pains. I am just uncomfortable. Lots of pelvic pains as well. I am assuming all of this discomfort in pains and twinges is simply the growing and stretching of ligaments that support my uterus and are just continuing to grow. 

But, for the first time, I do feel uncomfortable. 
Which makes me unbelievably happy.

At the moment, I do not have any "stats" to share; I look forward to sharing more about that the further along that I become. I still am not having any cravings, I more or less am grateful that I want to eat now and just eat whatever tickles my fancy. With only 2 total visits to the doctor, I still have not been measured or discovered any of the major changes in baby E, but again, look forward to those fun facts in the next few weeks! 

Weight gain: 3+ lbs (3 lbs from 8 week to 12 week appointment, but I know that has increased in the last 4 weeks)

Sleep: I am up and down all night. Not just for the aforementioned bathroom trips, but tossing and turning from side to side throughout the night. I generally will sleep well for about an hour to an hour and a half, and then I am awake to turn, potty, or grab a sip of juice in the kitchen. 

Gender: Finding out tomorrow! So, so very excited! 

Name: We actually have 2 girl names...and not a single CLUE about a boy name. We, at one time, had it set in stone, changed it a bit, and then totally dropped the name(s) completely. Sheesh. 

Feeling: Eh. Better, but as I said before, just uncomfortable. I have definitely gained back some of the energy that was completely NON-EXISTENT in the 1st trimester, but I still find myself coming home 4 out of 5 days after work and crashing on the couch. I am hoping with the grand entrance of spring tomorrow and some warmer weather, that will all change and continue to boost itself. 

Cravings: Really, none. I LOVE juice and as stated before, find myself drinking it like crazy. I have always drank nothing but water with a few sodas here and there when I felt like I needed a little "pick me up," but since discovering baby E, I just can't seem to fill up in the thirst department. Water and juice are of 1st choice. I am trying to drink milk and do better in that dairy aspect (pre-pregnancy, I never, ever touched the stuff. Don't much care for it, at all). 

Health: Who knows. Prior to pregnancy I was a pretty healthy gal, so I hope that has remained and carried right over into baby E. I have NOT exercised like I would prefer to, and was a runner pre-pregnancy. However, again, with the soon-to-be weather change and gained energy, my hope is to walk 30 minutes a day and add more green to my diet. 

8 Weeks 
12 Weeks
14 Weeks
As stated before, tomorrow we head to the doctor for an "early" ultrasound to determine the gender of baby E! My OB offers this at 16 at an added cost as opposed to the traditional 20 week ultrasound. To say that we are completely stoked is a total understatement! The hardest part (for me) however, is that we are not actually going to find out tomorrow...if baby E does not make it completely obvious and cooperates, of course. We are asking the doctor to put the exciting news into a sealed envelope which will then be given to one of our nearest and dearest friends to help prepare for the big reveal at our gender reveal party with close friends and family this Saturday at my parents' home. 
Whew...I don't know if I can leave that envelope sealed! 

Party favors...girl or boy?
Although I am already hearing a majority GIRL vote, I cannot wait to see the official tally on Saturday! 
Please join us in praying for a good visit with even better results and a cooperative, plain as day, HEALTHY baby E! I am nervous as this is the first sonogram that will be taken since 8 weeks prior, but I know I serve a God who is in control, always. 

That's pretty much where I am today, at 16 weeks and 1 day, just into the 2nd trimiester. I feel as though everything I have shared has been this bad feeling and that bad feeling and negative, but fact of the matter is, pregnancy is, in the physical matter, uncomfortable and not all bliss. 
However, it is bliss. 
It means that baby E is growing and changing and hopefully getting all that it needs. 
And that is just the type of bliss that I am completely O.K. with.