Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well Hey There, Summer!!

Funny thing....I originally began this post on June 7th, and left it because I got busy, and I am just NOW getting back to it. And now.....July!?!? Already!?!? Whew. Summer!!! SLOW DOWN!!!!

Busy, busy, busy little bees hardly describes it for the Edens!! I have days where I don't even feel like I am on summer break because we work at or for the house all day long!!

Before summer even began though, I wrapped things up at Calhoun, and this included packing up the ENTIRE school for summer construction. It is no doubt going to be absolutely gorgeous when we return in August, but the work to pack up was unreal. I came home every day for the last 2 weeks of school drenched in sweat and covered in dust. I was a sight!!
But the year did end very nicely and while I always adore summer break, it was really hard to say goodbye to "my babies." We had such a sweet, sweet group this year and my parents really spoiled us!!

Celebrating one of the kids' most favorite days of the entire school year, EVER.....FIELD DAY!! I love all the different facial expressions happening here :)

So then it was from packing up school to packing up home. I have been very blessed in that, Jonathan's work schedule has allowed him to work from home and be available to help out (which I am L-O-V-I-N-G this summer work schedule....he gets to be home with me!!!). I know that will all change soon (actually, as this post comes up-to-date from my original start, that all may change next week), but I am so thankful to have had him like I did for the month of June. God continues to really just allow everything to work out so very smoothly for us, and we are so grateful.

On top of packing to move, we also painted 2 rooms at the house, got the floors refinished, and got the studs up in the master suite renovation for the closets. That project had been put on hold until we got completely moved OUT of the apartment and moved INTO the house...which was official as of today, June 30th.

The Dining Room we painted a very pretty blue color.

And the front bedroom, the guest bedroom, we painted gray!!

No one else could handle the stress (or was OCD enough) of perfectly lining the blue tape and paper. He did it just right!!

Patching all the nail and screw holes in our plaster walls was THE hardest work I've done in a while. My arms hurt SO bad!!

The Edens and our spanking new refinished floors. The floors are gorgeous!!

This is one of my favorite shots...I love that you can see my shoes' reflection in the floors.

The floors in the office. They turned out better than we ever could have imagined they would!!

And the studs are up for the closets in the master bedroom and next up is electrical.

We spent ALL day this past Saturday, and ALL day this past Monday making the major trips with 2 truck beds, 1 trailer, 1 luggage buggy, and my car. We spent the weeks prior to today (the 30th, our move out date) packing and working at the house. Last night, we went over to our apartment, got the very last load, and my mama and I cleaned, mopped, and vacuumed everything until the entire place was spotless.
So technically, aside from all the work, we were able to get everything moved in 3 trips!! It's really and truly amazing how much you can accumulate after just being married a little less than two years!!!

There were some quite comical events that took place during these trips. Not so funny then, but looking back now, very hilarious!!

Hilarity #1: After trying to beat a storm ALL day Saturday, we got on the road from Central to Piedmont, and said storm (aka-black looming cloud) followed us, literally right over the truck, the entire way.

Hilarity #2: Over halfway to Piedmont, because I WAY overpacked the luggage buggy with my clothes, the left tire went flat. Pulled over to pump it up, no go. So flat it wouldn't even take any air!! So, what do you do?? Got to make it to the house before the sky falls out. No worries....hoist up into the bed of your Toyota!!!

It's amazing how much work, effort, and sweat we have put into this move. We have worked so hard and so have both sets of our parents. They have helped pack, move, paint, and done anything else you can think of to help us -- even fed us at times!! We COULD NOT have done it without them!!
I am beyond mentally and physically tired, and my body aches most mornings when I wake up, but, I KNOW it's all going to be worth it in the end!!

So as you can see, June has went by in the blink of an eye, and we really haven't done much of anything except move and work on and in the house. Not a lot of "summer" events happening for the Edens, but....summer's not over yet!!! July is filled with America's birthday, our birthdays, and our anniversary, so we shall see what's to come!!!

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