Monday, June 23, 2014

28 Week Check-Up

So my 28 week appointment came and went shortly after the school year ended and my summer began. My doctor appointment was on Thursday, June 12, after we returned from our trip to the wonderful city of DC and the beautiful, old town, Alexandria, Virginia. We had a fabulous time and it was a WONDERFUL way to rest after a very busy end of year and packing my classroom up after 8 years of teaching. 

My doctor's visit required two requirements: getting my RH negative shot as well as having blood taken for my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. I survived my shot, which was tender for about 2 seconds, and was for my glucose test was told if I received a call in 3-4 days, I would have tested above 140, meaning I had gestational diabetes. If I did not receive a phone call, I tested less than 140 and was good to go. As of this past Thursday, and since then, I have not heard anything; therefore: I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST!!!!!! :) Very grateful and thankful for such a good report! 

Here is my 28 week update: 

Weight gain: 18+ lbs (? lbs from 24 to 28 week appointment). I actually didn't pay attention at ALL this visit to the scale. I really am not concerned with this as I truly feel the same throughout my body with the exception that my belly is huge! Ha! I believe that I am mainly all baby and being shorter waisted, he really doesn't have anywhere to go but out. So...yeah.  

Sleep: Same ole, same ole. Sleep about an hour, then up to pee. Lay back down, fall back asleep within 5 minutes. I sleep well except that throughout the night as I am trying to consistently change from side to side, the changing is a bit stretchy and painful for my belly. Also, about twice a night I awake up with one leg in numbing, awful pain. It does subside in a few minutes though.   

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: Continuing to feel well over all and still love being pregnant. I can definitely tell that I am in the 3rd trimester and on the downhill slope now though, because I definitely have more aches/stretching/and growing pains. I am also more uncomfortable in just about anything I wear and bending over is definitely obsolete at this point. My reflux has improved; after finally getting some Nexium that I am taking daily, the pain is nowhere near what it was. Hoping things stay that way. 

Cravings: Still nothing. If anything, my pregnant diet is no different than my non-pregnant diet

Health: Doing well. Every appointment I have brings good news. The past two appointments my blood pressure did have to be checked twice, but the second times showed my average, low BP. I personally think it was because of what was taking place at both of those appointments (not a huge fan of the doctor in general and things that come with). I also think I am what they consider an "average, typical" pregnancy. When visiting the doctor, I am always told, "Looks good!" with everything that is checked. REALLY grateful to God. 

Movement: My baby boy is CONSTANTLY on the move. I of course do not have anything to compare him to, but seriously. This kid moves CONSTANTLY, all day long - kicking, tickling, wiggling, punching, turning, flipping. He is beginning to move enough to where he can visibly be seen from the outside and when sitting next to anyone, we get quite the kick out of it (no pun intended). Even more recently than usual, he is rarely still.  

I will be 30 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday), and my next appointment is this Thursday, June 26 for my tetanus shot. We are also having our 4D visit at Vision of Life on Friday and I could not be more excited!!! I cannot wait to see sweet Emery in detail!! We have invited our parents and Jonathan's grandparents to join us.  

24 eggplant. 

My mama joined me for my 28 week appointment since I was going to be having so much needle poking going on and I couldn't have handled it without her. She also treated me to lunch afterwards at the delicious Tupelo Honey.

She is going to be the best mimi. :)  

Lunch at Tupelo Honey.

One other thing we did recently, was celebrate Jonathan's very first Father's Day. I cannot even describe the anticipation that I have in seeing him with Emery when the time comes. I do not doubt his abilities as a father for one second and I thank the Lord for the man that He continues to shape Jonathan into daily. He is the perfect leader to disciple our son. I am so, so thankful for his life and role in our home. 

Father's Day, 2014

Continuing to pray to God daily that He will continue to fully grow this blessing to good health and for a safe, healthy delivery. If you are willing, please pray as well. We are just shy of 10 weeks out - I cannot believe how fast this time is flying by!  

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 

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