Wednesday, July 9, 2014

30 Week Check-Up

Man. Did I mention how much I am enjoying going to the doctor for check-ups every TWO weeks versus every FOUR weeks???

I love it! 

Had my 30 week appointment this morning. This particular appointment was mainly to receive my Tdap Vaccine, which includes whooping cough and tetanus in order to prevent the baby from getting sick due to both of these since he cannot have these vaccinations for a period of time after birth. In addition, we did the usual measurement, heart beat, and question/answer. 

Right before my appointment...I was pretty excited about going despite yet another impending shot :)

Jonathan took this that night after my appointment. I was still in major pain from the shot. It really hurt! 

Here is my 30 week update:
Weight gain: 20+ lbs. Steadily making the move up, but like I said, I feel the same everywhere else, just big in the belly :)   

Sleep: I have had some better, more consistent nights of sleep recently, so I've been excited about that! Still up to pee often, but easily falling right back into slumber.

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: Felt really good the last 2 weeks prior to this check-up so thankful for that! No complaints from this mama :)  

Cravings: Still nothing. As I said before, if anything, my pregnant diet is no different than my non-pregnant diet

Health: Doing well. Every appointment I have brings good news. When my blood pressure was checked, it was low and typical; however, the nurse that I had stated it was, "faint," so for her own peace of mind, she wanted to check it again. She had me lay down, checked it, and it was right on target. I did still have to have that Tdap shot after the fact, so I'd say that's pretty good! 

Movement: Just go ahead and sign him up for some ADD prognosis - like his daddy. This boy never. stops. moving.   

I was 32 weeks yesterday (Tuesday), and my next appointment is tomorrow, Thursday, July 10 for a regular visit - heart beat and measurement. 

Praying for a continued good measure of blood pressure and just an overall good visit tomorrow with the doctor - measurement and heart rate. I feel so fortunate that the Lord has willed such a good, healthy pregnancy to us thus far. 

For the LORD is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation. Psalm 100:5

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