Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vision of Life 3D/4D Visit

The Friday following my 30 week appointment we made a visit to Vision of Life in Powdersville where we were able to see sweet Emery in 4D - seriously one of the coolest experiences in our pregnancy yet!

It was really special because we invited both sets of parents, as well as both of Jonathan's grandparents (mine are no longer living) to share such in this special, unique experience with us! 

No sooner had we started taking a peek at Emery, than sweet baby boy made a heart with his precious little hands for us!
Needless to say, the men in the room were quite proud of this shot! 

I cannot WAIT to kiss that sweet, precious, precious face! 

Little man had some big thighs! 

Cannot wait baby boy! 

The tech (who was absolutely adorable) showing us all what position Emery is currently in...

So thankful that Emery has all of these wonderful people to love on him! 

I sure do love my baby's daddy!! :) 
The appointment went SO well and we had a blast! We were given a CD full of 4D pictures, along with some beautiful printed ones. We were told that Emery had big thighs, was super active, that there was DEFINITELY no hiding his manhood, had hardly any hair that could potentially be blonde, and he was "so precious!" 

If you are ever wondering whether or not the trip to Vision of Life is worth the money...it is! Worth every penny of seeing our precious little man! 

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