Tuesday, August 19, 2014

36 and 37 Week Check-Up

Doubling up on updates again because, well, I'm that pregnant, and since I am now going every week....
Both visits went REALLY well!! 

I was able to see my actual doctor for my 36 week visit and was given the Group B Strep (GBS) test and she also asked if I wanted my cervix checked...well, duh!! Ha!! I told her please do, as long as she didn't get anything started :) 
She checked, and to answer so many's question, the result: "Oh he's still up there, and you are tight and thick! It'll be a couple more weeks!" 
So that's the doctor's verdict on that for now. She also introduced me to the term, "wimpy white boy" syndrome and said that they really like for boys to stay in until at least 39 weeks due to the development of the lungs. I had never heard of this before, but apparently, it's pretty common. The doctor also said that she expects me to deliver either a few days before our due date or on the actual due date, unless of course my water were to break. 
The doctor measured me; we were right on target, and then not only did she check Emery's heartbeat - which was a nice 155 bpm - but she also used the newest and coolest doppler to do so that actually has a handheld screen attached to show an ultrasound - it. was. awesome. So basically, while she did her GBS test, she gelled my belly up and let me slide the doppler all around while I checked out my precious, baby boy via the screen.
Did I mention how much I LOVED Dr. Keller?!!?

For my 37 week visit, it was short and to the point. I didn't pass my GBS test, which apparently is not uncommon and means nothing, except that they will have to give me an antibiotic during labor to prevent it from passing on to Emery. Supposedly, half of us test positive and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. 
We went over my chart, which, I am very thankful to say, that the doctor remarked, "Lindsey, you're perfect on paper - these stats over your pregnancy could not be any better!" I cannot thank the Lord enough for such grace during these past 9 months and for such great health for myself and Emery. He also remarked that my hemoglobin was some of the best he had ever seen (13.1). I think he was a bit impressed and all I could do was give thanks and praise to my Father! 
He measured me - again, right on target - and then we did the doppler and his heartbeat was again, very strong. We talked a bit about some pain that I had been having in my butt and pelvis, which he prescribed as swelling, and then I was on my way! 
Again, 2 more great visits with the best OB-GYN in the upstate! 

36 weeks...baby head of Romaine lettuce. 

Latest update:
Weight gain: 20+ lbs.    

Sleep: Continued back pain and having some MAJOR edema in my butt and pelvis, so...sleep is rough, if even happening.  

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: Aside from the butt and back pain and the stretching in my stomach from his continued growth, really good!

Cravings: Still nothing; HOWEVER, I have noticed in the last 2 weeks that I. AM. STARVING. I cannot get full and just want to eat, all the time. 

Health: Doing well. Every appointment I have brings good news. I am so blessed with such wonderful visits with the doctor and such a great, typical, healthy pregnancy. I am so thankful. 

Movement: STILL...this boy never. stops. moving. I can tell he is getting pretty squished though because now I mainly just feel rolls. Lots and lots of rolls! 

I was exactly 2 weeks from my due date as of yesterday, and I am 38 weeks today. Moving right along, my next appointment is this Thursday, August 21 for my weekly visit - a normal, routine visit, but I am told starting at this appointment, they will begin checking my cervix regularly. So we shall see what the update with that will be!  

I just want to say again, how overwhelmed I have been at how near perfect each visit has been in regards to mine and Emery's health. I have spent TOO much time in the early stages of my pregnancy fretting over worries that I should have simply given over to God, but, if you've ever been in this position, you can understand why we as women, and mothers-to-be, do so.
My goal in these last few weeks has been to instead take JOY with each passing moment - with every ache, every precious movement, every odd little pain, every sweet moment of anticipating his arrival. I will say that I have done better, and while my mind and heart will slip back into worry, in the last few weeks the Lord has helped me to redirect those thoughts to thoughts of praise for Him and all that He has blessed us with during these 9+ months in our sweet, baby boy already. 

This has been largely in part to the encouragement of my incredible husband, who knows the Lord did not create us for worry, but for joy and praise. To Jonathan, I am so grateful for his leadership in our home, and his love for the Lord to always better serve Him. 

One of the albums that is currently in my CD changer in my car, and that I listen to frequently, is "Beautiful Things" by the band Gungor. I am reminded of this constant need to give Him praise, no matter what, when I listen to their song Higher

Emery could make his debut any day now, but I would like for him to hold out until at least 39 weeks...so please continue to lift our family up in prayer as THE most incredible day, whenever the Lord sees fit, arrives! 

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