Friday, August 29, 2014

38 and 39 Week Check-up

My 38 week appointment was so fast, it was almost a blur. After doing the usual pee in a cup, weight check, BP check, and whatnot, I saw Dr. Tweedt, whom I love, and she checked Emery's HR (155) and measured (38 and some change). She remarked that all looked well and was right on target, and we again, were so grateful. 
She then checked my cervix and said it was closed and tight and there was no dilation. I think she expected me to freak and become irritated that he wasn't in position, ready to go - she told me to be patient, go to the movies, go out to eat; it could be late 39 weeks/early 40, or afterwards, before he makes his debut! I told her, I wasn't concerned, that little man would come when he and the Lord were good and ready for him to! She smiled, agreed, and with that, was out the door!

38 weeks and counting :) 
My 39 week appointment was the following Thursday, yesterday, and it went really well! I actually saw Dr. DuBose, whom I had not yet seen at any point this far. She was super nice and extremely bubbly - my kind of lady. My urine, weight, and BP checked out, again, very nicely, and my measurement (39 and some change) and Emery's BP (145) were on target. She then checked my cervix, and once again...nothing. Closed, high, and no dilation.

She was just about to send me on my way when I told her I had a few questions. Although I know that I should not, I unfortunately have a really bad habit of listening to others and allowing myself to take their comments to heart. I expressed to her that a few people had hit me up with the whole, "Goodness! I think you're going to have a big ole' baby - a 10 pounder for sure!" and that when I tried to just let it go, I could not. I explained to her that this thought was getting to me, and while I know a C-Section is very routine and normal, it was not my desire if I could have a say-so in the matter. I would really like to give birth vaginally, and with my size and thinking about others comments, I had begun to worry about this (which is so wrong on my part, and for future reference, while I am not saying this to be in any way mean, at all, you just never know what feelings/worries/anxieties/emotions are going through a soon-to-be mother (especially a first timer's) mind, so just be cautious and gracious in what you say and how you share excitement for the coming arrival of sweet baby). 

She immediately responded with a couple of very good points. 1 - a growing baby is a healthy baby. Something no one should ever "worry" about. 2 - I am short. She joked did everyone want Emery to grow in my big toe!?!? Short waisted mama's babies have nowhere to go but OUT. 3 - she said that if I wanted to do an ultrasound that we most certainly could because she too, was just curious. 
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these doctors at Piedmont?!??!

So I saw the ultrasound tech and she very sweetly and quickly did some measuring, and predicted a nice, healthy 8lb 4oz baby boy! However, she did remark that these are just estimations, and what that really means, is that he could be anywhere between the wide range of 7.2 to 9.4, which is exactly what I had been thinking in my gut the whole time: that there is no way to know, prior to birth, how much sweet, baby boy would weigh. She ended that we could expect him to more than likely weigh in the high 7's to the low 8's. 
After we finished up, I saw Dr. DuBose once more so she could take a look at the ultrasound, and she was pleased with what she saw. She reassured me that everything looked great, my placenta was still doing it's job, my fluids were awesome, and that we could not have a healthier baby on our hands! This mama was very thankful, and once again, reminded by God to just trust

39 weeks and counting :) 

Latest update:
Weight gain: 20+ lbs.    

Sleep: What's sleep!?!??!! 

GenderB-O-Y, BOY!!! 

NameEmery Anthony Edens!!! A blog post with the name explanation is still waiting in the wings....

Feeling: Tired. The days I do nothing but lay around and sleep, I feel my best. Uncomfortable. I have still had some stretching/growing pains across the mid-section of my stomach which is just plain painful. 

Cravings: Nothing. My acid reflux is still as bad, if not worse than it's ever been, and activated by literally everything but ice water, so I am so hesitant to eat for fear of the pain. It stinks.  

Health: Continuing to be blessed with such wonderful visits with the doctor and such a great, typical, healthy pregnancy. I am so thankful. 

Movement: Rolling, punching, moving constantly. I am particularly sore on the upper, right side of my belly from what I predict, after yesterday's ultrasound, is a little, fat tummy. :) 

My due date is this Monday, September 1st/Labor Day, and my next appointment is Wednesday, September 3rd - Dr. DuBose said that if Emery has not made his arrival by then, we'll have a normal check-up and discuss the possibility of induction! Could be ANY day now folks, so we. shall. see!!! :) :) 

So many of you have been so sweet and have given us so much encouragement throughout our entire pregnancy, especially here at the end. All the comments, texts, calls, messages, and conversations have been exactly what we needed during this very exciting, but uncertain time due to the newness of it. We have had so many tell us in the last couple of weeks that you are praying for us and for our labor and delivery and I, personally, cannot tell you how much that means to me - all of the love and kind words in addition to the prayers. Thank you SO much. We are so blessed with such wonderful family and friends who love us, and Emery, so very much! 

Keep the prayers coming because I know my God already has this whole thing planned out and we will praise Him for the journey and the miracle! 

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Tonya Johnson said...

Lindsey, I was VERY big with Camryn (my first) and people kept saying that she was going to be huge too. The docs even estimated her to be over 8lbs at like 37 weeks. She only weighed 6lbs 11oz (the smallest of my 3). Also, I was soooo worried about being able to deliver with my size and narrow hips, but my deliveries were definitely the easiest part of my pregnancies. Keep trusting and my biggest piece of advice to you is to enjoy every second of the delivery process (I know that sounds silly). I have never been more amazed at God's power, attention to detail, creativity, and His goodness as I was with my pregnancies and deliveries. You're going to be an incredible mom!!!